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How to View PST files without Outlook?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Viewer • 5 Min Read

“Hello, I received so many PST files as attachments from my colleague. These PST files contain very valuable information about my work and I need to view PST files without Outlook quickly to continue working. Now the problem is that I tried to open them manually but didn’t open them. Then I learn that PST files can only be opened with Outlook and I am not a user of Outlook.

Now please tell me how to view PST files without Outlook? And also provide me with a permanent way to save these PST files in an easily accessible format. Suggestions are very welcome.”

The query above brings us here to help you and provide you with the most appropriate solution to solve this problem.

Then let’s get started,

Outlook is the only email client that supports importing or opening PST files. No other email service or any other default application can open it. Now the question is how to view PST files without Outlook. Is it even possible to open PST files without a compatible email client?

Yes, it’s possible

While PST is MS Outlook’s default file format, there are various other methods you can use to open PST file data.

You will need to use an alternate application to perform this task. It is the only way to open PST files when there is no compatible application. So let’s go straight to the solution and view PST files without Outlook.

4n6 PST file viewer: A complete solution

This is the perfect solution and the only way to view PST files without Outlook. With this 4n6 Email Converter, you can do your task very easily because of the automated process. This app also gives you a permanent solution that allows you to save these files in another easily accessible document.

4n6 Email Converter

This application is trustworthy, easy to use, and has been chosen by many users and experts for many years because it solves user queries in the quick and easiest way. All we can say is that this application is well worth the job.

Now let’s look at the work process to get your job done.

Easy steps to view PST files without Outlook

Tip: “The PST file viewer application allows you to view PST files any number of times for free. There is no restriction to view them. However, if you want to export these files to a different format, you can use the trial version that came with the app. In this demo, you will learn the work process and the efficiency of the tool. We therefore strongly recommend that you do a demo first.”

  • Download the PST files viewer app on your Windows supported device
  • Install the application and then run it
    PST files viewer
  • Click on Open << Email Data Files << Outlook PST / OST files
    Email Data Files
  • Choose required folders from the software panel
    View PST files without Outlook

As you can see now, all of the PST files have been loaded in the software panel. Now you can open all of your emails by clicking on the folders. Your problem is now resolved when viewing the PST files.

If you want to export these PST files to another easily accessible file format, please follow the steps below.

  • Hit on the Export option and choose a saving format accordingly.
    Documents files
  • Press the browse button to give a desire location to save resultant files. And finally, click on Save button.
    how to view pst files without outlook

Congratulation! Now, your PST files will be saved in your selected file format in your desired location. Now you can view them anytime.

Know the bonus point:

Aside from document files or email files, you can export your PST to almost any other cloud-based email client that supports the IMAP protocol. If you want to view these PST files on the other device anytime, you can export them to a web-based account and then log in to view PST files.

Read more about the tool:

Straightforward User Interface: One of the best advantages of using this application is its simplicity. The application has a user-friendly interface that allows you to do the task more conveniently and without any problems.

Windows supported: the application is compatible with the entire Windows version. So don’t worry if you’re using an old version. This application can work on all.

Select desired location: This feature adds bonus to your trip. With this PST file viewer, you can easily export your PST files to the desired location. this function gives you an ease to locate your files as you already know where you saved them.

Time Saving and Reliable: The top most priority of the tool is to save user’s time. You can export multiple PST folders in a single click. There is no limitation while exporting the files.

Allow you to control the process: The tool allows you to control the whole process while performing the task whether you want to export the single email from PST file or just the whole folder it’s up to you now.

In Conclusion

This application offers a complete solution to view PST files without Outlook. Since it is not that easy to open PST files without using a compatible email client, so the suggested application is the most suitable solution to complete the job. We therefore strongly recommend that you use our solution.


By Nick Rogers

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