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How to View DBX Files?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Viewer • 4 Min Read

You can easily view DBX files, it is not a complicated task, but with compatible email clients such as Outlook Express or with Windows Live Mail. But if you don’t have any of the compatible email services that you definitely might not have because these email clients are almost out of date. Now we can say that viewing DBX files is a complicated task. See how things have changed.

But the question is, what to do now? How to read a DBX file?

Is it possible to read a DBX file without any compatible mail client? If so, what program opens dbx files?

You will get the solution of all these questions, so stay with us until the end of time. No, we’re kidding, stick with us until the end of the blog.

Get to know the solution to view DBX files

This task could have caused a bigger problem and you would not be able to read DBX files if a suitable application was not designed to deal with this problem. This situation can only be overcome with an alternative solution that can accomplish the task and by using you can easily view DBX files. So let’s get to know this app in depth.

DBX viewer software: A program that opens DBX files

This application is the answer to the above question about what program opens DBX files. You can easily open your DBX files and view them in the tool itself, export them to other email clients, or save these DBX files in the desired file format. All these tasks can be done with this one application.

4n6 Email Converter is an application designed to resolve user queries for displaying emails. It is the most reliable and automated and does not require you to spend a lot of time performing tasks. Just a few moments and emails of your DBX files are in front of you.

4n6 Email Converter

This software is all-in-one and packed with lots of benefits that you can avail and can make your trip even easier. Take a look below at the features of the tool.

  • You can view DBX files on the tool itself and can read emails from them.
  • This app allows you to export DBX files to various email clients.
  • You can save your DBX files into various file formats at your convenience.
  • This tool allows you to select your desired location while saving DBX files.
  • The DBX viewer software can export your DBX files in bulk without any size limitation.

These are some of the eye-catching features that you can use to read a DBX file with more ease and flexibility. Now let’s jump to the process, by following you to make this task possible.

Step-by-step process to read DBX files

  • Download the DBX file viewer software on your pc or tablet from the link below
  • Now accept the casual agreement to install the application, also select your preferred language, and then Run the application
    Run the application
  • Now hit on the Open tab and select Email Data Files option
    Email Data Files
  • Go to DBX files and select DBX files / folders from your devices to be open on the tool
    DBX files
  • Now you can see DBX files are loaded in the software interface, now you can click the folders and once emails are displayed on the right panel and you easily view them. To read these DBX files into other location follow the further process.
    view dbx files
  • Now click on the Export and choose Email Files or Document Files as a required saving for your DBX files

Note: To easily read a DBX file, you can also choose an email service to export your DBX file to another email account.

  • Choose all or specific email folders to export email messages
    Select PDF
  • Browse the location to save resultant files once the export options are displayed on the right panel
    Browse the location
  • At last, press the Save button.

Congratulation! Now you can view DBX files at your selected location.

In Conclusion

After reading this blog post, users will get a valuable solution on how to view DBX files. These files cannot be opened without a compatible email client, so you can use an alternative application in place of DBX supported email service. 4n6 DBX File Viewer is the perfect software that can open DBX files and export them to other services for reading them.


By Nick Rogers

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