How to Open Gmail Archive MBOX file?

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Summary: In this article, we will provide you a complete solution for solving how to open Gmail archive MBOX file problems.

  • How to open previously downloaded Gmail archives in an MBOX-compatible application.
  • How to open Gmail archive MBOX file in another suitable cloud-based account?
  • Export your Gmail MBOX files in readable file format?
It is a wise decision to archive your Gmail files on your local storage for backup purpose and to access them offline. But when you archive Gmail files, it archived as all in one MBOX file. That cannot be reopened again in Gmail manually.

So how will you tackle this problem? How will you open these Gmail MBOX files to view your important emails?

“Let us help you deal with this situation by giving you every possible way to open these Gmail archive MBOX files

Here we will give you some methods one by one so that you can choose the most suitable way to open Gmail archives at your convenience.

METHOD #1: Open Gmail archives in an MBOX-compatible application

With this method, you can open your archive MBOX file in a supported email client, such as Thunderbird. Therefore, we provide you with the process by which you can import MBOX files into Thunderbird in order to view emails from them.

Import Gmail archive MBOX to Thunderbird

  • Go to your Thunderbird account if you are already using it, and create an account if you are new to it.
  • Now go to the Tools tab once the account is opened
  • Click on the ImportExportTools and then select the import MBOX file
  • After this, a pop-up window will appear with the option to choose what you want.
  • Choose the import way as import directly one or more MBOX files and click ok
  • Now browse the MBOX files from the location to open them in the Thunderbird
  • Your MBOX files will import into the account and you can now open
This is one way to open Gmail archive MBOX files, but the condition here is that if you are not using Thunderbird or any other MBOX compatible application and, you do not even want to manage another application for this purpose. You should go for the other method.

METHOD #2: Open Gmail archive MBOX file in suitable cloud-based account.

This method may be more suitable for you to open the archive MBOX files from Gmail. As you may have definitely using one of the cloud-based email clients. You can then use this account as an application to open the MBOX files.

So let us introduce you the alternative solution by which you can export your Gmail MBOX files to some web-based email client.

Gmail Archive MBOX Viewer tool

With the help of this application, you can easily export MBOX files to open in some other cloud email service. 4n6 Email Converter is the best and all-in-one solution that can export your files and at the same time, you can open them in the tool itself. Take a look at some of the qualities of this app.

4n6 Email Converter

  • It comes with a friendly user interface for the amazing experience
  • Export Gmail archive MBOX to multiple cloud email account
  • Export all your archive MBOX files all at once with a single click
  • Allow convert Gmail MBOX files to some easily open file format
  • Allow to take a preview of MBOX files. You can open them on the tool itself
These are some of the qualities that can make your trip even more relaxed. You can do a lot more with this app that you will discover once you start using it. Now let’s take a look at the process to export archive MBOX files.

Easy steps to export Gmail archive MBOX files

Suggestion: This application comes with a demo version that allows you to export 10 items per mailbox. So must take a trial to know the working process and the functionality of the tool.

  • Download the Gmail Archive MBOX Viewer tool from the link below
  • After installing and running the application
    Gmail archive MBOX viewer
  • Click on the Open tab and select Email Data Files
    Email Data Files
  • Select MBOX files and choose folders/files from the location
    choose folders
  • Now go to Export tab once the folders are loaded on the tool
  • Select the Email Service to which you want to export Gmail archive
    How to Open Gmail Archive MBOX
  • Enter your backup Email address and password

  • Lastly, click on the Save button
By following this process, you can easily export your Gmail MBOX files and can open them without any hassle. Now let’s go to the last method to open the Gmail MBOX file

METHOD #3: Convert Gmail MBOX files in an easily accessible file format

In this method, we will provide you with a way to convert MBOX files from Gmail archive to some other file formats. This task can also be done with the 4n6 Email Converter tool.

So let’s take a look at the process

  • After running the Gmail Archive MBOX Viewer tool on your Window
    Gmail Archive MBOX Viewer tool
  • Click on Open tab and select Email Data Files
    Email Data Files
  • Select MBOX files and choose folders/files from your computer
    choose folders
  • Now go to the Export tab and select Email files or Documents files
    Documents files

Note: You can select PDF as it is the best and easy to open file format.

  • Click on the checkbox against the folders you want to export
  • Click on the browse button to select the desired location on your device
  • At last, click on the Save button
The process will start and it will take a few moments to export all your Gmail archive .mbox files to the desired file format and to the desired location.

In Conclusion

This article contains a suitable solution on how to open Gmail archive MBOX. In this blog, we have helped you by providing you with different methods to open them. You choose any of the methods according to your desire and convenience. It is recommended to go with an expert solution to get an accurate result. You can run this application on every latest and earlier Windows operating system.

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