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How to Open MBOX File in Office 365?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Open • 4 Min Read

Attention: This article contains a useful solution to open MBOX file in Office 365 account directly. To know how it can happen, stay with us and keep reading.

There are many users who are asking for a method to open an MBOX file in Office 365. The reasons can be many that can make them do so. As such, if you are using Thunderbird and want to change that account, you must first export the data to another account. Because the MBOX file cannot be opened without Thunderbird or any other compatible application. In this situation, you need an alternative that can save your MBOX file in Microsoft 365. Because manually it is not possible.

4n6 Email Converter

If you are looking for a solution to open an MBOX file in Office 365, your research now comes to an end. With the help of MBOX to Office 365 Tool, you can do all your tasks in less than a minute.

This application can easily export your MBOX file to open in Microsoft 365. So just take a look at the easy steps:

Steps to open MBO X file in Office 365

Note: It is suggested to try the demo edition of this application. This will help you to know how this tool works, and then you can decide why you should use this application.

  • Download the application on your pc or tablet
  • Now start the toolkit on your Windows Computer
    run the software
  • Choose Open option & select MBOX mailbox files from the given options
    MBOX files
  • Choose files and folders from the computer
  • Once the application starts loading your MBOX files,
    loading your MBOX file
  • Go to Export tab and select Office 365
    Office 365
  • Now provide your Office 365 account login details
    address and password

Note: you can also include email header and can edit the backup folder name

  • Now give a check on the folders to export the files
  • Click on the Save button to begin the process

You can see that status on the screen about the export process; click the completion pop-up after the process is finished.

These are the only steps you need to follow and your MBOX files will be exported. And once it’s saved in Office 365, you can easily open them. We have provided you with the detailed process, if you are still having any difficulties downloading the software or any steps you may ask us at any time.

As we finish the process, you need to know how the tool works and what features it has. The features it contains lighten your load and do the job on its own, you only need to do a few and the rest is on the app. So let’s begin with the in-depth features of the MBOX exporter tool.

Features of the MBOX to Office 365 exporter tool

This tool comes with a simplest user interface: One of the main purposes of this tool is to make the experience comfortable. This application facilitates a simple path to reach the destination of the file export. All the steps and all the features are self-understandable; you will not require any one’s help for performing your task. You will love the ease of use of this tool.

Preview of MBOX files: If you want to open your file before you export them to Office 365, you can easily open them on the tool. This feature is valuable for those who want to first check whether the MBOX contains useful files or not.

Open MBOX file with attachments: Is your MBOX files containing attachments? If yes, then you can also open them into Office 365 account. The tool successfully supports to open MBOX files into Office 365 with attachments.

Completely Independent Application: This software is completely standalone. You don’t need to install any supportive application to open MBOX files in Office 365 email account without facing issues. Also, you can run this application on every latest and earlier edition of Windows Operating system.


MBOX files cannot be opened without a supported email client, and if you have that many MBOX files and want to open them in Office 365, how will you go about it? The article is about this and gives you a suitable solution like 4n6 Email Converter which can overcome all the above problems and open your MBOX file in MS Office 365.


By Nick Rogers

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