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How to Open EML File in Office 365 ?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Open • 4 Min Read

Hello, do you have so many EML files on your machine that you can’t open them to check what they contain, and the current email client you are using is Office 365 and you have no idea how to open EML file in Office 365?

Here we will offer you the most suitable solution, so stick with us.

As you know, EML files are supported by email clients such as Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, which are not in use now. You could have opened these EML files to these email clients, but they are not a default client on Windows like Windows 10. Therefore, you cannot open these EML files without having these email clients or an alternative solution.

Know how to open EML files in Office 365 account

You know that you cannot directly export these files to Microsoft 365, because there is no such option. Therefore, you should use a third-party solution that can make this task possible without facing any problem. So if you want to open and check EML files, you should use the most reliable solution, which is also a choice of most users.

Introducing 4n6 Email Converter: A tool that creates value in your life

This EML to Microsoft 365 Exporter is one of the best easy to use software. You can use this application if you do not have an EML-compliant email client to open these files. This 4n6 Email Converter contains a bundle of so many functions that you can use to make your task even easier. We can all say that it is the most beneficial alternative application to get the job done. Let’s have a detailed process to the solution of “how to open EML file in Office 365”.

Working process to open EML files in Microsoft 365 with the highly recommended solution

  • Firstly, download the software from the given link
  • Once the downloading process is complete install the software
  • Now start software on your pc and click on the open tab
    run the software
  • Click on the email data files to select EML files
    select EML file
  • Select the EML files or folder to open in the application
  • Now the application will start analysing the files and will be displayed on the left panel
    Open EML File in Office 365
  • Click on Export and choose Office 365 as email services
    Office 365
  • Enter Microsoft Office 365 login credentials in specific fields
    address and password
  • At last, click on the Save button.

This software will process to export your EML files to Microsoft 365, click on the finished pop-up when the process is completed. Now you can open your files and can keep them safe if they contain some valuable information.

As the process is now completed let’s have a detailed discussion about the features of the software. You can take a benefit in many ways by this tool. So let’s start with the features of this EML to Office 365 exporter application.

Read more about the useful features of the tool

Easy to use and safe: EML files can be exported to Office 365 using many other solutions, but what makes this application different from others is the ease that this software offers you. This tool is very easy to use since the interface of this application is not complicated. It is made very simple according to the user’s convenience.

Supports to open unlimited EML files: This software is not only useful for exporting your EML files, purchasing this application also allows you to preview these files. You can open these EML files to verify what they contain. This is what makes this app unique and an all-in-one package. Also, there is no file size limitation for completion of the task. You can open unlimited files without any limits.

Allow to open multiple EML files at once: If you think you can only select one or two EMLs to export, think again. We know the value of your time that is why it allows you to select as many EML files as you need, and there is no such selection limitation. You can even export the folders at once.


This article contains a solution of how to open EML file in Office 365. EML files cannot be open without a supported application, so 4n6 Email converter helps you to open these by exporting these files into some other account such as Microsoft Office 365.


By Nick Rogers

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