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How to Open MSG File in Office 365 ?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Open • 4 Min Read

Opening the MSG file without the supported email client is difficult but not impossible. Here we will offer you the solution of “how to open MSG file in Office 365.”

The MSG file is compatible with Microsoft Outlook email client and can’t be opened without Outlook. MSG contains a single email when you drag and drop it from Outlook to your computer. But these files can also be sent as attachments to some other email client but the problem is that you can’t open them if you don’t have Outlook or a workaround. So here the concern is for those who want to open these MSG files because they don’t use Outlook. So if you are using Microsoft 365 and you want to open these files in that account, we will help you by providing a complete solution.

The expert solution to open MSG files to Office 365

If you have so many MSG files on your computer. You may know that you can’t open them directly, and you can’t send them to Microsoft 365. Here the necessity arises for a resolution that is capable to open the emails from the MSG file in Outlook 365. So we recommend using a solution that can easily perform this task.

4n6 Email Converter: A solution to make your work done

This software to open your MSG file in Office 365 is the most suitable solution we can offer. This is very useful when you want to open or export your files to another account. By using 4n6 Email Converter, you can easily ease your workload. To make your experience with this application more valuable it gives features by which you can easily sent your MSG files to Microsoft 365.

  • Easy to use and tested
  • Supports to open MSG files
  • Allow to export file in Office 365
  • Support to export in bulk
  • Compatible with all the edition of Windows
  • Allow to open MSG file with attachments

We have briefly discussed some features just to let you know what this tool can do before you go through the steps to open these MSG files in Office 365. Now, let’s start the process. To do this, you can easily export your MSG file. This process will help you the moment you use this tool.

Step-by-step process to open MSG file in Office 365

  • Download the software from the link
  • Run the utility on your pc once it installed
    Run the software
  • Thereafter, hit on the open tab visible on the tool’s screen
    Email Data Files
  • Click on email data files to insert MSG files
  • Select MSG files from Windows computer to be open on the application
  • Press Export button from software interface and choose Microsoft Office 365 from the saving options.
    Office 365
  • Now fill your Microsoft 365 account credentials i.e. email id and password
  • Select the files to export to that account and click on the Save button.

The task will start and you will be able to see the status on the tool screen. After finishing the task, click OK.

You can also use this tool to open the *.msg file in case you want to check first if they contain important emails or not. Let us now help you to know this tool in detail; this will help you decide why to use this application over others.

Suggestion: If you have any technical problems downloading the application or exporting MSG files to Office 365. You can ask us at any time, we will help you and resolve your problem as soon as possible.


This article offers you one of the best techniques to open .msg file in Office 365. MSG files cannot be open without a compatible solution, and to open these files in Office 365 4n6 Email Converter helps a lot. If you find this solution valuable to you, kindly share it with your family and colleague. Thank you


By Nick Rogers

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