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How to view ost file in outlook in Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Viewer • 5 Min Read

Microsoft OST file is used to store offline data so you can work on your email while traveling and not be able to connect to Wi-Fi or internet. After connecting to the network, you will send and receive these emails at a later time. This information is saved in an OST file on your C drive.

However, the problem is that if you want to view OST file in Outlook, you cannot. Since there is no such option, you can find the option to import PST files, but you cannot import OST files. Here are some important things to remember.

  • You cannot open OST files directly when the Exchange Server is not connected
  • Outlook account cannot open OST files without conversion to PST files.

Now the problem is that Outlook cannot import OST files nor convert them to PST files. How can this task be made possible then?

But, always remember that there are always other ways to facilitate whatever you want to do. Our sole purpose is to help you find and deploy the complete solution. So let us explain to you how you can make this task possible.

In such situations where the manual method doesn’t work, you need to go for the other solution, which can do something your manual function can’t. Let us meet your need to view OST files in Outlook by introducing you to the alternative application.

OST file viewer: A complete solution

The application can overcome the limitations that you faced while performing your task manually. The 4n6 Email Converter Tool is the perfect application to accomplish this task. You can view OST file in Outlook if you can convert these files to PST because then you can easily import them into Outlook.

So the application provides you with an easy path that you can use to convert the OST files to PST with ease. Conversion is the only way to view OST files in Outlook. So let’s go through the working process to convert these files and make it work.

4n6 Email Converter

The process to view OST file into Outlook

Suggestion: The OST file viewer allows you to view OST files as many times as you want. The application is also supplied with a demo edition that gives you information about the work process, its efficiency and effectiveness. So if you want to really get to know the tool, you can try a trial first, which will be beneficial to you in every way.

  1. Download the application on your Windows-compatible system where your OST files are stored.
  2. Accept the small agreement to install the application on your device and prepare to run.
  3. Now hit on Open option and choose Email Data Files to insert Outlook PST / OST Files
    Email Data Files
  4. Now choose the OST files from your device and then click on open to load them on the tool
    how to view ost file in outlook
  5. Click on Export tab and select PST as Email Files
    select PST
  6. Click the Browse button to select the desired location or folder on the device. And finally click the Save
    view ost file in outlook

In a few moments, your resulting files will be saved to your chosen location. After the export is complete, you can import these files into Outlook. Yes, Outlook can import PST files easily without any problems. So, congratulations! Your problem is now resolved.

Know more about the tool

We bring you some of the highlighted features related to viewing OST files in Outlook by making the task easier and more reliable to do and perform. So let’s get everything through the tool

Export Bulk OST Files: One of the main and highest qualities of the tool is that it allows you to export as many OST files as you need. You will not see an error that you are over the limit or anything like that. Open as many files as you want to export to PST with just one click. We can say that this application saves time.

Choose Your Location: This application keeps surprising you and gives you the opportunity to do your job easily. This application allows you to browse for the location and create a separate folder to store the resulting files. Now you can easily locate of your files location as you chose it.

View OST files on the tool itself: In addition to exporting the files, the tool allows you to preview the files. So, if you urgently need to look at them before starting the export process, you can easily view them. The tool is all in one and always ready to help you with any method.

Self-dependent: The application is purely independent and does not ask you to download a different setup before the last step. The OST viewer is completely self-sufficient to carry out the entire task from start to finish.

In Conclusion

Your question about how to view OST file in Outlook is now solved. Since Outlook doesn’t support importing the OST files, you can convert the OST files to PST using the OST file viewer app. Then the resulting files can be opened in Outlook. So if you want a Quick solution, the application is the perfect one.


By Nick Rogers

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