How to Transfer Emails from Outlook Express to Outlook on Another Computer?

Tutorial Team | February 19th, 2021 | Transfer

Easily transfer emails from Outlook Express to Outlook on another computer with attachments. Just read this complete article and resolve your query in a professional way.

I just got my new Windows 10 computer as a gift from my senior as an appreciation. I’m just so happy to looking at the new computer and putting my favourite things like wallpapers, pictures, and most important email account into my new computer. That is Microsoft Outlook I always wanted to use this email application as I was previously using Microsoft Outlook Express and wanted to upgrade to the new service of Microsoft.

Finally, thinking to move old email account data from Outlook Express to Outlook. Please don’t be so shocked to know that I am still using the email application that was discontinued a long time ago. But now I want to finally switch from it.

New computer and all new start as,

I moved on from the old computer so I want to finally move on from the old email service.

But have you ever had the experience that you want to do something fresh and just do it easily? My experience is completely different because I face so many obstacles. What do you think you ever saw a barrier when you were doing something new?

And this time the problem is how do I transfer emails from outlook express to outlook on another computer?

Is there a solution?

Absolutely, yes. All you need is a Pen drive.

Switching to a new email client is a wonderful step as you can now take advantage of the most advanced functionality and features to make the task easier.

Now that you have finally taken the step, we will help you move your step forward without any problem.

So let’s start the process with just a USB stick.

Begin to copy the OE folders to pen drive by first knowing the file location.

Here is how to get the OE folder location,

  1. Open the Outlook Express account on your old computer and,
  2. Click Options on the Tools menu
  3. Click on the Maintenance tab and then click store folder.

Now you can see your files destination path, by going to that location, copy or cut the entire folders and paste in on your pen drive.

Now, insert the pen drive on your new computer and copy and paste the entire OE folders.

The real problem starts from here, as you cannot see any way to further process the task because,

The file format

The file extension for both the email client is different such as for Outlook Express its DBX and for Outlook its OST or PST.

And now you will not be able to transfer emails from outlook express to outlook

The only possibility is if you can convert these OE compatible files to Outlook-compatible files.

But, converting these files to other format is not an easy task because if you search for this on the Microsoft support website you will find that there is no manual function built in Outlook that can import these files by automatically converting them.

Now your step of switching from the old to the new account can be a dream just because of the different file extensions. And you might be wondering why these accounts can’t have the same file format for easy importing and exporting.

Transfer Emails from Outlook Express to Outlook

1: Leave the old emails of your Express account behind and make a fresh start

2: Forward the important emails from OE account to the newly joined Outlook account one by one.

3: And the last way is, if your emails are that important you can go for the DBX file converter.

Yes, if you want to transfer emails from Outlook Express to Outlook on another computer (your new computer) you can go for the DBX file converter (i.e. 4n6 Email Converter).

4n6 Email Converter

The suggested application is very expert in exporting the old OE account files to new Outlook supported file extension.

And after converting the .dbx files to .pst you can easily import them to Outlook with the help of import / export option, which you can easily find in file menu.

So your query on how do i transfer emails from Outlook Express to Outlook on another computer is solved.

In Conclusion to Transfer Emails from Outlook Express to Outlook on Another Computer

The different file format of the email clients is the only problem that can arise when transferring email from Outlook Express to Outlook on another computer. In this situation, you can either leave the old emails behind or proceed further or you can convert this .dbx file extension first and then import it into Outlook account with the help of DBX file converter.

Now, how you overcome this situation is up to you. Choose wisely.