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How to Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Migrate • 5 Min Read

A lot of users want to migrate email from Gmail to cPanel webmail account. Because using cPanel to manage your emails is a good choice. As you can have your email account by your domain name. It looks effective when the business email address is displayed as the domain instead of

Therefore, if you switch from your Gmail account and need all the emails in cPanel, you need to migrate them.

So, the question is, do you know how to migrate email from Gmail to cPanel?

Do you find the migration of email from Gmail to cPanel complicated?

Yes, it could be if there wasn’t an appropriate application for this

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most used email services and offers a huge number of benefits to users. There are many features that can improve the user experience, but most users find that their data is insecure and Google shares personal information with other applications, which poses privacy issues.

Privacy is the main concern that drives users to migrate their emails from Gmail to cPanel. However, while Gmail has so many features, it doesn’t have the ability to transfer email directly to another account.

In this situation, what to do? We assume you already have the answer. In such situation, you have no choice but to use an alternative solution which is a third-party tool. It is the only way to accomplish the task described above.

So let’s move on to the solution to migrate email from Gmail to cPanel using the appropriate application.

4n6 Gmail to cPanel Migration Tool: A Complete Solution

It is the application which can make your task more simple and useful. The Email Backup Tool has been solving email migration issues for several years. This automated software can complete your task in less than a minute and only required a few clicks.

Download email backup

This app consists of just a few steps by which you can completely migrate email from Gmail to cPanel at once. So take a look below at the process.

Easy steps to migrate email from Gmail to cPanel

Suggestion: If you want to try the tool before taking a license key, it is possible. This software comes with a demo edition that allows you to export 10 emails per mailbox. By taking a try, you can find out its quality and then you can decide to move on with the app.

  • Download the Gmail to cPanel migrator tool on your computer or tablet from the given link
  • Now Install the application by accepting the agreement and browse the location to select the desired location for the tool
  • Now prepare to Run the application once the tool setup is finished
    Run the application
  • Now click on the Open tab and click on the Add account
    Add account
  • Now enter your Email Account Details that is your email address and password and also fill IMAP server
    Email Account Details

Note: The IMAP server name for Gmail is (

Attention, please – If you are not able to add email account in software and are getting error message saying “Failed to add account. Please provide IMAP server information”? then please check this page for more details Click Here.
  • Once you enter credentials the tool starts loading all the account data that you can see on the left panel
    starts loading
  • Now go to Export tab and select IMAP as Email Services
    select IMAP
  • Enter your cPanel email address and password along with server address
    Migrate Email from Gmail to cPanel
  • And finally, click on the save button visible above on the right panel of the tool

Your migration will start after clicking the Save button, which in a few moments will notify you of the process completion. You can now easily access your emails in cPanel by logging into the account.

Read more about the Gmail to cPanel migrator

Migrate emails in bulk: Have a large amount of data in your Gmail account. Do you think it cannot be migrated all at once then think again as this app is not limited by file size? You can migrate email from Gmail to cPanel at once; you will not face any error while selecting big data. So do not hesitate during the migration.

Allow Email Preview: This migration tool is packed with features. One of the best features is that you can open and check your emails before migrating them. You can also open attachments that contain in the email. All you have to do is double the email and open it. So must preview your email to check if it contains anything valuable or not.

Allow to migrate specific emails: This application also allows exporting emails from a specific email address or from a particular date. The tool gives you a search function by which you can find a particular address and then easily migrate them to cPanel.

Windows Compatibility: This application is compatible with all Windows platforms, whether new or old. So no need to hesitate to use the tool if you are working on any old version it can easily operate on all versions without any errors.

In Conclusion

This article contains a complete solution on how to migrate email from Gmail to cPanel. As Gmail does not provide you any function to migrate them directly, so the third party tool is useful in this situation. 4n6 EmailBakup is a perfect all-in-one solution to accomplish this task. So must go for this application for a quick solution.


By Nick Rogers

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