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IMAP to Gmail Migration (for Personal Account & Google Workspace)

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Backup , Migrate • 5 Min Read

Many users often look for migration from IMAP to Gmail (Personal) & Gmail for Google Workspace for many business collaborations, mergers & multiple acquisitions . Such an IMAP data migration enables to migrate data from one domain server to another web Server with complete flexibility.


Why You Need to Import IMAP to Gmail Account ?

Following are few scenarios where you need to migrate from multiple IMAP Server to Gmail / Google Workspace Gmail :

  •  Access to better Technology & new service
  •  Moving to the Cloud
  •  For replacing old Infrastructure
  •  To expand Hosting to to multiple domains
  • Collaborations with Other Businesses
  • New Business acquisition

Identify Your IMAP Server

It is important for you to understand Where is your data now?

For this you need to identify Your Server , For instance , if your email ID is, “xyz” is your username & “” would be your email provider. If your email provider is unknown, look for the email ID : Read More 

How Can You Plan for IMAP to Gmail Migration

There are multiple things that you must avoid during IMAP to Gmail / Google Workspace Migration :

  • Avoid Migration during Critical Business Hours or Time
  • Make Sure your performing Migration during Off working Hours
  • Notify all members regarding migration
  • Create a Secure Backup of Important Projects Before Hand
  • Foremost , planning before performing Migration is a must

Preconditions to Import from IMAP to Gmail / Google Workspace

Check the following before migration to confirm the data is transferred appropriately from IMAP to Gmail or GSuite account.

  • Connect Source Account with Appropriate IMAP Email Account
  • Enter Valid Email Address & password
  • Check the address of your IMAP Server & Port Number
  • Enable IMAP in Gmail Settings & Allow Less Secure Apps for seamless migration
  • Make sure you use the App generated password and not your Yahoo Email Password if you are Yahoo Mail user
Note : You will have an embedded Find button that will allow IMAP Address to be automatically located and entered in your IMAP server address if you do have trouble finding an IMAP server address.

How You can Migrate Your IMAP data into Gmail Account

In this guide we’ll help you switch your e-mails to Google’s Gmail/Google Workspace account from any IMAP server:

1.Open & Run IMAP to Gmail Migration Tool .


2. Choose Open > Email Accounts. Now you will get 2 options :

Add Account: Pick this choice to create a add a new IMAP server.

3. If you need to re-access the Account that you have already added , then Choose Manage Accounts

Manage Accounts : This option requires details like e-mail address, IMAP server or IMAP port address for quick management and access for IMAP data management

  • New: You can add a new IMAP server and use for upcoming use
  • Edit: The IMAP details can be re-edited anytime. In situations where your password is modified, this alternative is incredibly helpful.
  • Delete: You can always erase IMAP details stored from the program.
  • Close: It will close the IMAP Settings Management Window.

4. Then Choose “Add Email Account ” & Fill in your credentials to successfully login to your Email Account. For this, you need to enter details like : Email id, Password, IMAP Server Address, IMAP Port Number.

Incase, when your Source Id is Office 365 or

Email : /
Password : *******
IMAP Server :
IMAP Port : 993

5. Tap on Add Account & your email account is immediately integrated into the software with the entire folder hierarchy on the left hand panel of the screen.

6. Go to Export > Choose Gmail or IMAP as Migration Type
7.The software provides diverse IMAP Export Options like :

  • Create Empty Folders: Migrates your empty folders also
  • Include Email headers : This lets you perform migration of header information.
  • Append into Default folders : If this feature is enabled, the e-mail folders will be combined to the default folders, such as the Inbox folder (IMAP Account) will be migrated to Inbox of Gmail account. If this feature is disabled, your data will be imported to the New folder (as named by you in Backup folder Name feature).
  • Backup folder name : It renames the Migrated Label Name with your preferred custom folder name,
  •  Email Address : Enter Valid Gmail / Google Workspace Address
  •  Password : Enter Valid Gmail / Google Workspace Address

8.You can also choose from diverse Extraction options provided by the software such as Extract Email Address , Extract Attachments , Extract Phone Number, Associated Email & Phone Numbers from IMAP Account.

9. Click Save icon. The app validates your email credentials here and migrates all of your chosen emails into Destination Account directly.

10. At last, confirm after your emails have been effectively transferred from IMAP to Gmail / Google Workspace.


1. How much time does migration take?

The length depends on a variety of variables including:

  • More the data , more will be be the migration time.
  • The number of emails & data items migrated
  • The size of emails & its attachments

Can I migrate all email messages all at once from IMAP to Gmail Account?
Yes , you can perform all email messages at once. But , we do not suggest migration of all e-mail messages with one migration if you have several years, or many gigabytes of data.

Can I Pause, Stop during a migration?
The software provides 2 different buttons to Pause or Stop button.


By Nick Rogers

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