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Migrate IMAP Mail from One IMAP Server to Another Server

  • Migrate Online Mailboxes from One IMAP Server to Any IMAP Server
  • Migrate Complete Folders & label from an IMAP Account to another IMAP account
  • Move or copy Selective data from an IMAP account between servers
  • Allows to Move IMAP account data to Email data files (EML, MBOX, PST)
  • Move IMAP Account mailboxes to Document Files (PDF, HTML, Text, CSV, vCard , ICS)
  • Migrate IMAP Server Data by date, Email Fields (To, From, Cc, Subject)
  • Export IMAP mail to new server & Append data to Default Folders / New Folders
  • Search & Filter Data to Migrate selective data from one mailbox to another
  • Compatible to export IMAP Account hosted by providers : Yahoo, Gmail, Office 365

Migrate Your IMAP Account to Any Server with Us

Source IMAP :

Email Files

  • OST
  • PST
  • OLM
  • MBOX
  • EML / EMLX
  • OFT
  • DBX
  • Google Takeout
  • Maildir Files

Email Clients

  • Outlook
  • Thunderbird
  • Windows Live
  • Postbox
  • MailBird
  • MailSpring
  • eM Client
  • IceWarp

Mail Servers

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Office 365
  • Hotmail
  • G Suite
  • iCloud
  • GMX & Many More

Destination :

Email Files




Document Files :







Email Services :

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Office 365
  • AOL Mail
  • G Suite
  • iCloud
  • Many More

Features of IMAP Migration Tool

IMAP to IMAP Account Migration

Using IMAP Account Migration Software, you can avail the benefit of exporting /migrating mailboxes from one IMAP Account to Another IMAP Account. This IMAP Migration Tool gives the comfort to migrate IMAP mail to new server alongwith crucial data of users by simply providing the credentials (email address & password) of source & destination account. It is compatible to export IMAP email account hosted by most recognized providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, Office 365 , Rediffmail, , G suite Account (your company domains ) & many more

Move IMAP Mailbox to Another Mailbox

The IMAP Migration software not only migrate IMAP mail from one server to another but also from one IMAP mailbox to another mailbox. The software is built with advanced algorithms that enables to mirror your data from one IMAP account to another & maintains complete folder hierarchy as in the original. The software detect & populate all the folders within account where you can preview all the folders before exporting IMAP mail to new server.

Move IMAP to Email Files

The IMAP Migration Tool enables to migrate mailboxes between IMAP Server to Multiple Email data files such as PST, MBOX,& EML Files . These email files are supported by many desktop based applications like PST(MS Outlook), MBOX(Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, etc) & EML (eM Client, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail etc.)

Export IMAP Account Emails to Document Files

This IMAP Account Migration enables to move mailboxes to many document based files such as PDF, HTML, Text, CSV, vCard (2.1, 3.0, 4.0), ICS. These files can be later used in many applications like : PDF (Adobe PDF Reader), HTML (web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) Text (Notepad , Notepad++), CSV(Microsoft Excel , CSV Viewers) , vCard , ICS

Export Selective IMAP Folders

During migration, users have the option of including/excluding custom folder. Users could select from IMAP directories to migrate IMAP mail from one server to another rather than migrating them as a whole. For this purpose, folders section checkbox is available, beside every folder. Using this option one can easily select & deselect the required folders & migrate IMAP mail between two servers .

Selective Migration by Date

The IMAP Migration software provides to setup a Date Range Filter. This enables users to select a filter on migration & allows to include only desired data between certain Time period. For this, “ From & To Fields” are given. The From field enables to exclude all the data items before a specified date range. While The To Field enables to exclude all the data items after a specified date range.

Migration by Email Fields

The IMAP Migration Tool enables to Search & Filter emails using attributes like Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Journals Tasks, Notes & many more. It enables to filter & Migrate IMAP mail to new server by fields such From, To, Cc, Subject, Content, Has Attachment, File Size etc.

Include / Exclude Empty folder Migration

This feature provided by the software, enables to include /exclude empty directories while exporting IMAP Account data. Removing empty folders enables users to migrate with a clean folder structure , thus enabling to look for content easily. Also it gives you more control & flexibility while migrating the data

Include Email Headers

Using this option,the IMAP Migration software enables to add Email Header along with all the data . This enables to add certain information along with required emails such as information about the recipient sender, routing information and various authentication details

Append Into Default Folders

Another Useful feature of the software is “Append Into Default Folders ”. Using this option, users can move IMAP mail between two servers into existing folders within the IMAP Account . For Example disabling it will enable users to move data to an entirely new Folder.

Auto Detect – IMAP Server Address

While entering IMAP configuration Settings , the software has inbuilt Find Button. This helps users to automatically detect incoming Mail Address of any unknown domain . In case you are unaware of of your email domain. Read More

Preview Emails Before Migration

After logging in to your IMAP Account , the IMAP Migration software enables to preview all your emails within IMAP Account in multiple Views like Content, Properties, Message Header, Hex View, Raw Message View . These view helps users to analyze data in more details like Date, From, To ,Message-ID, Subject, MIME-Version, Content-Type, Message-ID etc. before you Migrate IMAP mail to new server

Download the IMAP Migrator Software
*The Trial version will migrate only 10 messages/folder for free.
Software Specifications
System Requirements

Processor 1 GHz Processor(2.4 GHz is recommended).

Operating System Windows 10(32/64 bit) & All Below Versions.

Memory 512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk 100 MB of free space

Software Delivery

Electronic Yes

License & Version

Personal License Activation 2 PC / Laptop

Business License Activation For 10 PC / Laptop

Enterprise License Activation For Unlimited PC

Version 3.0

Interface Available

Language SupportedEnglish

Few Words From Our Clients

Our goal is to provide a service that keeps our clients happy. We are
pleased to hear any feedback they have to us.

We were looking forward for a tool that could Migrate data after a merger & acquisition of our Organization But migrate IMAP mail from one server to another in such bulk had been very difficult. We wanted a process that will lead to a smooth integration process. We tried multiple solutions but it later left our Employees feeling confused & blindsided. Thank you for making this such a smooth process.

Etienne Tyler, Asturias

I have been using the IMAP Migration Tool since 2017 in my organization now. We are still impressed by the way the how the software is able to migrate mailboxes from any IMAP server in very stable and quick way

Evelyn Lucas, Indonesia

IMAP Migration Tool stands apart because of its innovative functionality to migrate IMAP mail between two servers and outstanding customer service & assistance from the technical team

Charlotte William, West Virginia
How to Migrate mailboxes from IMAP Server ?

Follow guidelines to Migrate Mailboxes from IMAP Account / Server step by step :

  • Step 1 : Run IMAP Migration Tool . Select Open & Add New IMAP Account Configuration Settings
  • Step 2 : Enter All IMAP configuration Settings like IMAP Address & Port Number
  • Step 3 : Preview IMAP mailboxes before migrating IMAP mail from one server to another
  • Step 4 : Click on Export > Choose from Desired File formats or IMAP Account
  • Step 5 : Migrate IMAP mail between two servers with multiple filter like by Date, by Email Fields etc.
  • Step 6 : Finally Check Exported IMAP mail in new server


What Configuration Settings & details are required for Migration of IMAP Accounts?

To add IMAP Account, You need to Provide following Credentials

  • A Valid Email Address
  • Valid Password
  • IMAP Address & Port Number

Note : In case of Gmail , Make sure Less secure App is Enabled & IMAP Is enabled . In case of Yahoo Mail, if you have enables application generated Password , Use App Generated Password instead of Normal Yahoo Password.

Will I be able to move my existing mail with attachmnets to the new IMAP server?

Yes , using this IMAP Migration software all the mail along with attachments within your existing Mail Server will be migrated to New Server

Can I access my email during the migration?

Yes, while you Migrate IMAP mail to new server or locally , you can access your emails also.

Will the incoming new emails will be migrated ?

No, After you have started the migration, no new incoming emails will be migrated.