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IMAP to Office 365 Migration – Prepare for Your Configuration & Deployment

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Migrate • 5 Min Read

As IMAP is a versatile protocol among email users around the world to send, receive and communicate. The key advantage is that users have convenient access to their communications and move between an e-mail account. However, the traditional IMAP email transfer can be frustrating, since the target email client follows completely different storage trends. In order to move your email from any IMAP Server (Internet Message Access Protocol) to Office 365 account, the IMAP to Office 365 Migration program can simplify the whole procedure. You can migrate emails from any IMAP-supported device using this IMAP Migration tool.




You need full access to your account to move your emails from IMAP mailboxes into Office 365. Make sure that you remember the password using administrator privileges to access the mailbox account.

If you can’t reach your account, try resetting your password and try again. You won’t be able to enter your account for proper transfer if you don’t remember your new password.

This blog will cover following topics in detail:

Prepare for an IMAP to Office 365 Migration

By Failing to Prepare , You are Preparing to Fail


To make sure that your data is migrated from IMAP Server to Office 365 accurately , make sure that following points are kept in check during Migration

  • Enter Valid IMAP Email Address of Source Account(from where you need to migrate)
  • Enter Correct IMAP Email Password of Source Account
  • Find Your IMAP Server Address , & Port Number
  • Incase, you are using Gmail Account , ensure that IMAP is enabled in Gmail settings & Less Secure Apps is enabled.
  • For Yahoo Account, if you have enabled App generated password , Make sure that you are using App generated password & not the Yahoo Account Password.
Note : You get an inbuilt Find Button , which enables to automatically detect IMAP Server Address & enter it for you .In case if you unable to find the IMAP server address . Click Here

How the IMAP to O365 Migration Process Works

Follow the below given Steps to understand to Migrate your data from Any IMAP to Office 365 Account :

  1. Launch IMAP to Office 365 Migration Tool .Download
  2. Click on Open Button on the Top Ribbon . Then Click on Email Accounts . Here you are provided with two options :Add Account : Choose this option to add new IMAP Server for performing Migration.
    Manage Account : This option enables to perform management of Multiple Email accounts Information such as Email, IMAP server, IMAP port Address . For easy management & access following options are provided by the software:
  •  New : This will enable you to add New IMAP server & store for future Use
  • Edit : You can re- edit your IMAP information. This option is extremely beneficial , incases when your password is updated .
  • Remove : You can anytime remove your IMAP server settings from the software
  • Close : This will close the IMAP Settings Management window


3. Choose “Add Email Account ” & Enter Email Account Details (Email , Password, Advanced Settings like IMAP Server , IMAP Port Number )

4.  Lets workaround with an example. For example, if Your Source Server is Gmail Account

Email :
Password : *******
IMAP Server :
IMAP Port : 993

5.  Once the complete Settings are added , Click on Add Account . Here IMAP to Office 365 Migration program will automatically add all the IMAP Folder & Labels into the software (with complete Folder hierarchy) in same way as in IMAP Server.

6.  Click on “Export” button & Choose the Migration option as Office 365.

7. Under this option , software provides multiple Office 365 Export Options like :

  • Create Empty Folders : This option will migrate even if your folders re empty
  • Include Email headers : It enables you to include header information along-with email migration
  • Append into Default folders : If you enable this option , the email folders get merged into the default folders such as Inbox (IMAP Account) to Inbox folder (Office 365 Account). Disabling this option will migrate your folder to an entirely new folder.
  • Backup folder name : You can also migrate your Data from IMAP Account to Office 365 with customized folder name of your Choice
  • Email Address : Enter Valid Office 365 Email Address
  • Password : Enter Valid Password for Office 365 Account.

8. Apart from directly exporting , users can Extract Email Address , Attachments , Phone Number, Associated Email & Phone Numbers from IMAP Account.

9. Finally, Click on Save button . Here the software will automatically validate your email credentials & migrate all your selected emails directly into Office 365 mailbox

10. Finally Verify your emails are migrated from IMAP Account into Office 365 successfully.


1. Which all IMAP Servers are supported by the software ?

The tool supports to migrate data from most popular domains like : Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365,, Hotmail, G Suite, iCloud, GMX, Verizon, Rediffmail, 1&1, AT&T, Zoho Mail,,

2. What to do when I am unable to add IMAP Account ?

In cases, when you are unable to add IMAP Account for IMAP into Office 365 migration. Check the blog here


By Nick Rogers

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