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How to Export Gmail Emails to PST File ?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Export • 5 Min Read

How to export Gmail to PST  file? It is the most commonly asked query by many users. In this article, we will cover the same and give you the best solution to solve it.

Gmail is the most commonly used email service by many people around the world and is establishes as a platform where people can talk and share their personal professional data. But,

Is it worth it?

Since this is not something hidden now that Google shared our personal data with most of the platform. Most of the users are now raising their questions about their privacy. They are more concerned about your privacy and security. Here the problem arises of how secure is your communication.

The other problem is that email services like Gmail are cloud-based. Your data is stored on its server. We cannot access these emails without a proper internet connection. And it is not possible to always stay connected with a high-speed Internet connection. So how would you open your emails?

The best way is to move your Gmail emails to a desktop. We have seen, there are many users who need to export Gmail emails to PST format.

Reasons to export Gmail emails to PST file

PST is the most popular file format by Microsoft Outlook. Many of the users ask if they can switch their account to a desktop email client to make their files easier to access. Because they are much more secure than any web-based email client. And Outlook is one of the most hyped email clients, and its popularity is constantly increasing. People choose it because the service that this email client provides is very beneficial.

Let us give you two methods to export your Gmail account to PST

How to export Gmail to PST format manually ?

  1. Go to Outlook account
  2. Now configure your Outlook account with your Gmail
  3. Once your account is successfully configured with the Gmail account your data will not load on the Outlook
  4. Now go to the File tab and select open and export
  5. Click on the import/export
  6. Now select export to a file form the given option
  7. Select Outlook data files and click on the next
  8. Select the mailbox from the folders
  9. Browse the location on your computer
  10. Now click finish

This way you can export your Gmail files to PST. But here are some complication using the manual process

Limitation in the manual process

  • You can export only one folder at a time
  • It can take hours and also days to process work depending on the size of your folders.
  • If the size is so large it can break your files.
  • You can even lose your data for some reason.

To overcome this problem, there is only one solution. That is using a third-party app. When doing it manually, you can face many limitations. But using a third-party solution, you only face the ease of the process. Now, let us introduce one of the best solutions to resolve how to export Gmail to PST format without Outlook query.

4n6 EmailBakup – A Complete Solution

This alternative gives you a path by which you can simply reach your destination without any barriers. Using this tool, you can safely export Gmail data to PST format in batch. There is no need to install an Outlook application to accomplish this task. It consists of very few steps by which you can completely convert your Gmail account to PST with all attachments.

Easy steps to export email from Gmail account to PST format

  • Go to the link to download the Email Backup Tool.
  • After installing, run the software.
    run the software
  • Now click on the open tab to add account
    add account
  • Now fill your Gmail email id and password.
    address and password

    Attention, please – If you are failed to add account in software then, make sure IMAP and less secure settings should be enabled. Is software showing an error message “Failed to add account. Please provide IMAP server information”? Click Here.
  • After adding the Google Mail account successfully, you can see all email folders.
    successfully adding
  • Now choose export and select email files as PST
    export PST
  • Now browse specific destination folder from your computer
    browse the location
  • Select required folders, you also can select all
  • After all, this, click on the save

The tool will start exporting Gmail email to Outlook PST format. It will take only a few moments.

Know more about Gmail to PST Export Tool

  • Capable to export unlimited Gmail email to PST format.
  • Supports to export Gmail email to PST with attachments.
  • Outlook installation is not required to perform the conversion.
  • Provides a full preview of Google Make emails and attachments.
  • While exporting Gmail to Outlook PST, the tool maintains properties.
  • Allows you to convert selected Gmail mailboxes to PST format.


In this blog post, we have provided both manual as well as expert solutions to export Gmail to PST format. Using the recommended tool, you can easily convert Gmail account data to PST with all properties. If you have any suggestions or facing hassle, please let us know.


By Nick Rogers

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