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How to Bulk Export Gmail Email to PDF?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Export • 5 Min Read

Some computer users want to know how to bulk export Gmail email to PDF file extension. Because Email is the medium by which we formally communicate with our organization.

We receive lots of important work-related emails every day.

Imagine a situation where you can’t access your online email account. The reason can be many such as server failure or a proper network connection. What will you do in such a situation? You must have a contingency plan to face this.

Saving your email is the solution; you can overcome this problem. Thus, without wasting any more time, we offer you the solution for exporting Gmail email.

Here, we give you manual solution to download emails from a Gmail account

  • On your computer, go to your Gmail account.
  • Log in to the email.
  • After open your email, click on More
  • Thereafter, click on the Download message.

Thus, you can see from the steps above, there are certain limitations. Users cannot download emails in bulk. You have to go for each email before saving them. Now, you also cannot download them in PDF format.

You don’t have to worry now. We are here for you; we won’t let you suffer like this. Here, we will provide you a solution to easily export emails in PDF form. So don’t go anywhere and, keep reading this article.

4n6 EmailBakup tool to bulk export Gmail to PDF

This tool is a complete solution to your problem. This is an all in one platform to overcome that lengthy process. This tool gives you a simple process to export your emails. So, what are you waiting for? You are just a few steps away to export your emails. Let’s have a look below

1 – Firstly, download and install the application on your pc or tablet

install the application

2 – After running the application, click on the Open tab

Open tab

3 – Add your Gmail account credentials in specific fields.

Gmail account credentials

Attention, please – If you are failed to add account in software then, make sure IMAP and less secure settings should be enabled. Is software showing an error message “Failed to add account. Please provide IMAP server information”? Click Here.

4 – Once you add account, the tool starts analysing folders which will be then displayed on the left panel


5 – Click on the Export option and choose document files as PDF.

Export PDF

6 – After performing all these steps, you need to browse the location to which you want to save all your emails.

browse location

7 – There are also other options, you can select such as open folder after the export is complete

8 – Then, click on the Save button which is visible on the right panel

Your emails are now exported.

Look how easy the steps are. As you finally know, this tool is very helpful to shorten the process of exporting. You must know about the benefits you get by using the tool. These benefits add value to your experience. So let’s have a look at them.

Export in bulk: One of the best benefits you get is with this tool is, you can download your emails in bulk. This means you don’t have to download each email one by one. All you need to do is a single click and it’s done.

Able to download in PDF form: unlike manual process, with the help of this tool you can even download your emails in PDF form. This format is very useful if you want to print your emails. This tool also gives option such as show page number, save attachments in folder, and many more.

Selective location: This tool is very best fits for you if you want to save your emails on your desired location. This function allows you to easily find the location as you choose it. All you have to do is browse location before exporting your Gmail emails.

Automation: This tool gives you an option of open folder after exporting is done. This function allows you to save time as it automatically opens the location.

Search function: To make your experience more reliable, the tool allows you to search for emails. So if you need the emails of a particular person or of a particular time period you can search them.

Easy user interface: this tool is very simple to use. You are not required to have technical knowledge or assistance. Any non-technical person can perform the task easily.

These are some of the benefits you get when using this tool. But don’t think these are the only benefits. There are many others. You will find it when you start using the tool. Thank you for giving us your precious time. Keep learning.

The wrap-up

This article is all about bulk export Gmail to PDF. We have given you a complete solution for this. If you’re still confused about something and need our help, let us know. Kindly give us suggestion. Good bye. keep smiling.


By Nick Rogers

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