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How to Download All Emails from Office 365?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Download • 4 Min Read

Office 365 is the first choice for corporate organizations to always stay in touch with their employees. Since the benefits of Office 365 are just incredible, you get all the useful applications in one place, whether you need email communication service, preparing a presentation or a social media-like app for everyone in the company. You get more of just these apps in one place, which is just amazing.

Even after such incredible apps and many benefits, there is such a limitation that you cannot download Office 365 emails all at once. Yes, it is possible to download each email individually, but unfortunately, there is no native support for downloading them all at once.

Here the requirement arises for a solution that can fulfil this task and let you relax. So let’s take a trip to the solution

Don’t worry if Office 365 manual assistance to complete the task. There is always another platform to get the job done. You just don’t have to stop looking for them until you find the right solution. And now we have to say that your hard work has paid off, because this is where your research trip ends and you will receive a suitable solution for it.

Now take a look at the alternative solution that allows Office 365 all email to be downloaded instantly

Office 365 Email Exporter:

Your research trip ends with the 4n6 Email Backup Tool, as this application is very helpful to instantly download Office 365 emails with just a few clicks. The application is very proficient in performing the task and will give you accurate results. Office 365 Exporter gives you so many options with which to save your resulting files. So you can decide for yourself which storage option you prefer.

Download email backup

This application consists of just a few steps to download Office 365 emails. Now jump straight to the process for an end result

The process to download Office 365 emails

  • Download the application on your Windows supported computer or tablet
  • Install the application by selecting the preferred language and then launch it
  • Now click on the Open button  and choose Add account option from software
    add accounts
  • Now enter the Office 365 email address and password and the IMAP server name
    email address and password
  • Note: IMAP server name for Office 365 is ( )
  • Now you can see Microsoft 365 email folders in the software interface.
    Office 365 Email folders
  • Click on Export button and choose a saving format from available options
  • Select the Office 365 folders you want to download emails from
  • Hit on browse button to choose a destination path to save resultant files.
    download office 365 emails
  • At last, click on the save

The export will then start after you click the Save button. It only takes a few moments to download Office 365 emails to the desired location. That’s all with the process. What do you think of this tool now? Let us offer you more details about the tool that shows its uniqueness in terms of customer satisfaction.

Know more about the application

This application is full of advantages. It is almost difficult to explain all the benefits on a blog. So we will discuss the related benefits of this task. So enjoy reading the benefits.

Download as Document Files: This application has many advantages and gives you a choice of document files. You can choose any document files like PDF, HTML, CSV, Text etc. as the saving option. This makes it easier for you to access the emails as you can choose the format that you can easily open.

Download as Email files: If you are using any desktop-based email client and want to open the downloaded Office 365 emails in them, you can go for the Email files. This application provides you EML, MBOX, and PST as an exporting option. You can also choose them as a storage option.

Choose your location: The Office 365 email exporter has a built-in feature that allows you to choose your own location. You can download Office 365 emails anywhere on your device. This feature makes it easier for you to find the resulting files as you already know the location.

Download in bulk: One of the unique features of the tool is that it can download large amounts of data at once. You can download all Office 365 folders with just one click. There is no restriction on selecting the files when downloading. Choose as much as you want to save more time.

In Conclusion

After reading this blog post, anyone can download Office 365 emails query. Since the manual feature doesn’t support downloading all emails at once, you need to use the mentioned software to accomplish this task. The Office 365 email exporter is the solution that enables this task with just a few clicks.


By Nick Rogers

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