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How to Download Emails from Shaw Webmail Account?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Download • 5 Min Read

Hi, are you looking for a suitable solution to download emails from Shaw Webmail?

Then we have to say that you are in the right place because this is where you will learn the right solution to get the job done.

But first, let’s understand what things let you in the situation where you need to download emails from Shaw Webmail account.

“Hi, I use Shaw Webmail as my business email address. I’ve been sending and receiving so many emails and attachments for many years. A few days ago I looked for the new emails but couldn’t find them. I later find out that I am running out of space and therefore cannot receive it.

Please help me and tell me how to download emails from Shaw Webmail so I can free up Shaw Webmail space and at the same time have a backup.

Suggestions are most welcome. Thank you”

We have put the query here so you can understand what more situations you may face in the future that will force you to download emails.

Now let us introduce you to the solution whereby you can download emails from Shaw webmail at once and in less than a minute.

Shaw Webmail Email Exporter: A complete solution

This application is the solution to the previous query. With the help of this 4n6 EmailBakup, you can easily download Shaw Webmail emails at once. This tool is reliable and easy to use and requires you to do just a few clicks to complete the task. This application is packed with many benefits and, offers you many options where you can save the resulting files.

Download- email-backup

One of the great benefits of using this app is the little process you have to go through to get the job done. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the process below.

The process to download emails from Shaw Webmail

  • Download the tool on your computer by clicking on the Download button.
  • Launch the software on your pc and click on the Open button from software GUI
  • Now choose Add account option from the drop-down
    Add account
  • Enter Shaw webmail email address and password and also enter IMAP server name
    email address and password

Note: Incoming server name for Shaw webmail is (

  • Once you add the account, the tool starts analysing all the data, and then it will show up in the software window.
    analysing data
  • Now choose Export button and choose a saving format accordingly.

Note: You can export your files to email files like PST, MBOX, EML, and document files like PDF, HTML, CSV, and text. You can even export them to another cloud-based email account. Here we take an example of PDF format.

  • Once you select PDF file format, the PDF export option will appear in the right panel
    download emails from shaw webmail
  • Select browse option & choose a destination path, and lastly click on the save
    browse button

Congratulation! Your Shaw Webmail emails are now downloaded to your selected location.

That’s it with the process; this is how you can get the job done. But if a little process isn’t enough for you, let us bring you some of the best features of the tool.

Read more about the tool: Know its Features

Well, one of the quirks of the tool is that it offers you so many file formats that you can save your Shaw Webmail email in. These export options you get are the prominent advantage. Apart from this, we try to discuss some benefits of the tool.

Download in Bulk: Use this application to download Shaw Webmail emails in bulk. The size of the files is not limited. You will not see an error indicating that you have exceeded the limits. Download as much as you want at once.

Choose Your Location: One of the great advantages of using this application is that it doesn’t force you to save your resulting files to a default location. You can choose your own location and can create a new folder to store your files.

Standalone Application: There are some applications that require different application configuration before the final steps. However, this application is completely self-contained and does not require any other application configuration to fully perform the task. So wisely choose this tool.

Windows Compatibility: Are you using an old version of Windows? Don’t worry; this application doesn’t really care which version you’re using, old or new. This is compatible with all. So feel free while running this application.

In Conclusion

Shaw Webmail Email Exporter is proving to be one of the best applications to download emails from Shaw Webmail at once. This application is more reliable and gives you so many options for saving your files. So we strongly recommend you to try this tool

If you encounter any difficulty using this tool, please feel free to contact us for technical and non-technical support at any time.


By Nick Rogers

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