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How to Convert vCard to PST Format?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Convert • 5 Min Read

When you use Outlook and want to keep or send a VCF file, it becomes necessary to convert vCard to PST file, in case you have a time limit and want to get your task done faster. Where we got this idea of converting VCF to outlook is the query we read on the internet. So let’s go over the question to find out more about the situation.

The query that got us here writing this blog. “Hi, I have hundreds of vCard files that contain very important contacts and other information. I need to email these VCF files to many of my colleagues. The email client I am currently using is Outlook. Now i am facing some issues such as Outlook only allows me to import single VCF file at a time which is time consuming.

Therefore, please provide a way to convert vCard to PST file, so i can import all files at once without wasting time.

Suggestions are most welcome. Thank you”

This query, this is the main reason for writing this blog, solving your questions is the main reason for our presence on the internet. So let’s solve this query together.

A professional Approach to Convert vCard to PST File

As the query suggests, you can only import one file at a time and there is also no option to import folders, as a result the task becomes long and hectic.

And on the other hand, Outlook can import PST files very easily, so vCard to PST conversion seems to be a great way to import quickly.

Now the area of focus is how to convert vCard to PST file as there is no manual approach to make this task possible. So we have to go for the alternative solution which can convert VCF files to PST.

So let’s get to know the workaround and get the job done quickly.

vCard to PST Converter: A Professional Approach

The tool is very reliable and can easily convert vCard to PST files without any hassle. The tool is capable of doing what you cannot do manually. The vCard converter app is able to convert tons of VCF files into a single PST files with just few clicks

The reason we recommend working with the suggested app is that there are only a few steps to complete the work. So let us offer you step-by-step guide to get your task done.

Easy Process to Convert vCard to Outlook

  • Once you download the application from the given link, install its complete setup by accepting the agreement


  • Launch the application to begin the VCF conversion process
  • Click on Open on the tool and then select the option from Choose Files or Choose Folders


  • Now all the selected data will now be loaded on the tool once you click on open on the pop-up window


  • Click on Export tab and then click on PST from the Email Files section


  • Now click on Browse button to select the desired destination to save the PST files


  • Now finally click on the save

Your vCard files will now be saved to the selected location in PST. After the process is complete, you will be notified with the information along with the tab to directly open the location to open the resulting files.

And once the vCard file is converted to PST, you can easily open the PST file using the import / export function built in the Outlook.

Read More About The Tool

There must be some reason why you need to use this app to complete the task. So let us provide you with some of the benefits that you get from using the app that will make your task easier to accomplish.

Bulk vCard Conversion: The advantage of using this tool is that it saves time. You don’t have to process each file one by one. No, this tool doesn’t work this way. Whether you’re working with a single file or needing 100 vCard files at a time to convert. You can control the process and convert vCard to PST file in bulk.

Browse Location: This tool does not require you to save the resulting file to the default location. The tool has a built-in ability to browse locations and save files to your favourite locations. This function prevents the data from being confused with other files.

Provide vCard preview: You can open the VCF file to see its contents before starting the conversion process. You can easily open a file by simply clicking on the vCard file or folder. You can also do that if you want to save a specific file.

Completely standalone: The app is self-sufficient and you don’t need to set up any other application before the final step. Our only purpose is the customer convenience, and this tool provides all the ease you can do your job.

In Conclusion

If you need to open vCard files in Outlook, importing them is the best option. However, importing a single vCard file each time can be a time-consuming process. Therefore, to overcome this situation, convert vCard to PST file seems to be the best option. Therefore, the vCard converter app is perfect for your needs and will be very helpful in completing your work.


By Nick Rogers

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