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How to Convert vCard to Text Document File in Bulk?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Convert • 5 Min Read

Convert vCard to text document file is very beneficial in all situations, and why “Text” when there are many other formats also. To find out why, keep reading the blog. So let’s start from the beginning.

We cannot ignore the fact that vCard files are the most suitable in case you want to save hundreds of contacts in it. Or just need to store one contact containing all the information related to that person such as email address, home address and a lot of other information.

But at the same time, we also cannot ignore the fact that they do not open easily. They often need a compatible application for easy access, or they must be converted to an easily accessible file. So converting vCard to text seems like the best option, as we’ve already told you why to go for this format. Have a look.

Reason for Choosing Text Format over other file formats

Nothing is more legible than text. This format is easily understandable, accessible, and shareable. You can have all the data like in a page. There are many other formats, but they have some problem such as that they do not open without any compatible application.

Let’s take an example of html, a non-technician would not choose this format, because for them the language will be like an alien, so the easily accessible and readable format left is text.

And that is why we and also other users like you chose the text format instead of vCard. Now the question is, if we have finally decided to convert vCard to Text, how to make the conversion possible?

Solution With Additional Benefits to Convert vCard to Text

VCard files cannot be opened manually nor can they be converted to any format, such as Text. The only things you can do with vCard files are that you can import vCard files into Outlook (if configured with this account) or they can be merged. Apart from these functions, you cannot do anything with vCard files.

The only thing you can choose to do is use the workaround to accomplish this task. Nothing but a separate application can do your conversion. And if you really want to convert vCard to Text you should opt for this way. So to complete this task, use the most reliable and user-friendly suggested app.

The vCard Converter Tool is the New Trend

Whether you want to view vCard files or want to convert vCard to text, 4n6 vCard viewer app is the most reliable and extraordinary choice. The tool provides an easy path by which you can convert as many vCard files to text format without any limitation. The application is also capable of converting vCard files regardless of the version of your vCard files.

What make the tool unique are the advantages it brings you. So let us tell you some of the specifications of the tool so you can get to know it.

Convert Bulk vCard to Text – The tool is very helpful in converting tons of data. Even if you have hundreds of vCard files and want to convert them to text, the task is easily achievable. It requires only a few clicks; regardless of how many files you have one or a hundred.

Save at favourite location: The tool gives you an option to select your place after you convert vCard to Text. The tool doesn’t let your resultant files into some default location like downloads folder to mess your data. Now you can choose the location that you can easily access without trying too hard to search.

Support all versions of vCard: Since there are so many versions of vCard available, the tool does not stop opening any. You can open any version of VCF files to convert them to text. Such as vCard 2.1, vCard 4.0, vCard3.0

Completely Independent & secure: The app is completely standalone and does not require any other setup configuration to fully accomplish the task. The application is fully protected and free from any kind of viruses and s safer to use.

These are some of the features that will make your task more reliable and easier to perform. Now is the time to tell you one of the main benefits of using the application. There are a few steps that will accomplish your task. Take a look to believe us.

Easy Steps to Convert vCard to Text

  • Firstly, download the vCard converter tool on your device and then install it by accepting the terms and preferred language


  • Now run the app to begin the conversion process
  • Click Open tab and select the option from “Choose Folders” or “Choose Files


  • Once you click on the desire option all the vCard files or folders will be uploaded on the tool. You also can open the vCard files by clicking on the, in case you need a preview.


  • Now click on Export tab and select Text from Document files


  • Now Browse the location to save the resultant Text files at your favourite place and then finally hit on the save button.


These are the only steps to convert vCard to Text. Your files will now be saved at your selected location in few seconds.

In Conclusion

VCF files may not be easy to open, and if you really want to convert these files into an easy-to-open file format, the text format is the best choice. But converting vCard files may not be easy yet, so to deal with this situation, vCard converting app is the best for better performance.


By Nick Rogers

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