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How to Backup 1&1 Webmail Accounts?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

In this article, we’ll help you on your journey to backup 1&1 webmail account. So stay with us throughout the blog post.

Securing your webmail account emails can prove to be a wise decision in many ways, such as:

If you can’t open the 1&1 IONOS account to access email, you can access the same emails from a new location by backup 1&1 Webmail Accounts (Remember that you can access the old mails and not the new email).

If your storage limit for 1and1 accounts is full and you cannot receive the new e-mail, you can remove storage space from the 1&1 account by saving your old e-mails in a different account and then delete some emails or attachments. (Remember, after backing up emails that are not currently needed, you only delete those emails that you probably won’t need in the next few months or next year.)

If you switch from the current account and want to try a new service, you have to create a backup 1and1 Webmail account first (But, trust us that 1and1 webmail account is really good as there is no unwanted ad or anything like that, yes it does a paid service. But not every free service is full of benefits and good. If you want to try something new and if it costs something there is no loss of yours)

“If you are faced with any of the situations we can say we did the right research. However, if you have any other reason to back up please let us know later.”

Before starting the task, you need to know whether or not you can create a backup with 1&1. And now after looking for it, we can say that you can use the account to backup the emails as it supports the IMAP protocol. You can do the job easily, but not manually. Yes, the problem here is that you can manually back up emails from 1&1 webmail accounts. You need to use another method / application to configure 1&1 account and then back up your emails.

Yes, if you only use a 1&1 web account, you cannot back up your emails at once. If you want to backup 1&1 webmail accounts with the manual function and without any other method, then this is the only thing you can do:

  • Forward the message to another account one at a time, you can manually backup 1and1 webmail accounts email this way.

Apart from this, you can use our suggested path which is the alternative solution. This solution will allow you to run your task. So let us present you the best way to get the task done very quickly.

4n6 1&1 Webmail Backup Tool: An Ultimate solution

As the name suggests, the application is very experienced in securing your account data. The Email Backup Software supports the configuration of all email services that run on the IMAP protocol as 1&1. And this is the plus point as now you can easily backup 1and1 webmail accounts.

No process, no unnecessary advertisements to irritate you. And one of the great advantages of the software is that you can back up your emails and other data of your webmail account in your desired location, regardless of whether it is another IMAP-supported application or a document file or e-mail are files. It can do all of these things with just one tab. What else do you want?

Download email backup

  • Straightforward user interface?
  • Bulk backup 1&1 webmail account emails?
  • Least steps to complete the process?
  • Safe and secure?

Are these the things you want? We assure you that you will get all and more of these as this tool is fully responsible for making the task easy to do.

Steps to backup 1&1 webmail emails

  • Download the software and install
  • After running the tool,
    Start software
  • Click Open tab and click Add account.
    Add account
  • Enter 1and1 webmail account credentials with IMAP server name
    account credentials

Tip: 1and1 IMAP server name is (

Attention, please – If you are failed to add account in software then, make sure IMAP and less secure settings should be enabled. Is software showing an error message “Failed to add account. Please provide IMAP server information”? Click Here.

  • After that, select the folders to backup and click Export tab
    Export tab

Note: if you want to Backup 1&1 emails to files that your Desktop based emails client supports then select Email files such as PST, MBOX, EML

If you want to backup your webmail accounts data to Documents files you can select PDF, CSV, and Text.

If you want to export your data to some other cloud based account please select email services such as Gmail, Office 365 or any other IMAP supported account.

  • Now after select the desire files or service browse the location to backup files and then click Save.

Well done, now it will take very little time to backup 1&1 email messages locally.

In Conclusion

The article prefers the best solution to your query How to Backup 1&1 Webmail Accounts. As this is not possible to do the task manually so we suggest you to perform the job with the alternative method that is 1and1 webmail backup tool. This is the most reliable and perfect way for 1&1 webmail backup.


By Nick Rogers

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