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How to Backup Liquid Web Email Accounts ?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Backup • 4 Min Read

Summary: In this article, we will offer you the most suitable solution on how to backup Liquid Web Email account folders. Here, we will also offer to save your emails on local drive and also on some cloud-based clients for better performance. So keep reading.

Is your website is hosted by the Liquid Webmail? Are you having an account on the Liquid Webmail for growing the business? Then you might definitely know about the storage on this account as it’s 25 GB per mailbox, and if you want to expend it to 100 GB you have to pay extra. That can cost you a lot if you’re running a new business because funds are very limited and short at first.

And at the same time, you receive and send so many business-related attachments that they also cover most of the account space. In this situation, the only way left is to backup the account to clear some of the Liquid Web email space. And this backup can be done through a third-party tool, as it cannot be done manually. So, let us introduce one of the best tools developed for this task.

Liquid Webmail Backup software

If you really need a quick solution to perform your job, 4n6 EmailBakup tool is best for you. This application is especially designed for this type of task, and can quickly export your Liquid emails to hard drive and to other secure accounts. This Liquid Webmail Tool is packed with so many benefits and features that you can use while saving your files.

Download Email Backup

Let’s have a look on some of the advanced features of the tool.

  • This application is easy to use
  • It allows to Backup Liquid Webmail account at once
  • Backup Liquid emails with attachments all together
  • Allow to save emails from Liquid to multiple file formats
  • Allow to save emails on your desired location
  • Supports to export Liquid Web emails to some other account directly

These are some of the prominent features that you can use when backing up emails. Let us introduce you to the process by which you can get the job done. We would first like to provide you with a process by which you can export your Liquid Email account to another account.

Method #1

Steps to Backup Liquid Web Email Accounts to Another Platform

  • Download Email Backup Software on your pc.
    Email Backup Software
  • Install and launch the application.
    launch application
  • Go to the open tab and click on add account.
    Add account
  • Enter your Liquid Webmail account address and password with IMAP server name
    account address and password
  • After this, the tool will make connection with your account and will load all the folders and files on application screen
    load all the folders
  • Now go to export button and select the account from the email services
    export button

Note: this application is willing to support all IMAP configured email client

  • Select all the folders you want to have a backup
    Backup Liquid Web Email
  • Enter your backup email address and password
    email address and password
  • At last, hit on the save button
Attention, please – If you are failed to add account in software then, make sure IMAP and less secure settings should be enabled. Is software showing an error message “Failed to add account. Please provide IMAP server information”? Click Here.

The data will start to be exported to another account, which will take little time or depending on the size of your files. This process consists of exporting your emails to another email account. Now let’s take a look at the steps that will save your Liquid emails to hard drive.

Method #2

Steps to Backup Liquid Webmail Account to Hard Drive

  • After successfully adding the account on the tool
  • Go to export tab and select the file format to save your emails
  • Give a check on the folders you want to export to pc
  • Browse the location to select the destination path

Note: select the options such as include email header and automatically open the folder after exporting is done.

  • Click on the save button
  • The emails will start to save on your desired location
  • Finally, click on the completion pop-up window.

Backing up the Liquid Email account to hard drive is very useful is you want to access your important files whenever you want without an internet connection.


This article provides a suitable solution on how to backup Liquid Web email accounts. They cannot all be exported at once, so we recommend that you use the suggested Liquid Webmail Backup Tool to complete the task. With this tool, you can backup Liquid Webmail to another account and also to your hard drive.


By Nick Rogers

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