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How to Backup Yahoo Email Folders?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Backup • 4 Min Read

Thinking of changing your account or backup Yahoo Mail folders? These are the things to keep in mind before doing that.

  • Yahoo Mail does not have a verbose feature to save all emails at once.
  • Manually, you can save only one email at a time.
  • Yahoo does not allow you to save emails in the desired format.
  • It does not allow you to save emails to the desired location.
  • Can’t save email with attachments in archive file.

These are certain limitations that you may face before backing up your emails. Here the question arises how to backup Yahoo Mail folders at once without facing any problem. And the answer is a third-party solution, a solution that can overcome all manual limitations and back up your Yahoo! mail folders to your hard drive and other email accounts.

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Yahoo backup tool

Manually, you wouldn’t have the option of backing up all your Yahoo Mail folders together. But with this 4n6 EmailBakup software you can accomplish this task very easily. This software is developed to facilitate a comprehensive solution to your email related problems.

  • Backup all your Yahoo Mail folders such as Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, and newly created folder in various file formats, making it easy for your convenience.
  • Save your Yahoo Mail folders to some other email account
  • Backup Yahoo Mail Folders to Your Destination Path
  • Give you permission to view your emails before saving
  • Keep your emails in the original format before, after and during backup. No file manipulation.
  • Supports all Windows platforms
  • Allow to use filters before backing up folders.

To make your work more enjoyable and flexible, this 4n6 EmailBakup application gives you easy steps to download all your Yahoo Mail folders to your hard drive and save all your email folders to some other account. With this Yahoo backup tool you can do the job in few clicks, take a look below.

Simple steps to back up your Yahoo Mail folders

  1. Download Email Backup Software on your Windows platform
  2. Install and run the Yahoo backup tool
    Yahoo backup tool
  3. Now go to open tab and click on add account
    add account
  4. Enter your Yahoo Mail address and password with IMAP server (
    address and password

    Attention, please – If you are failed to add account in software then, make sure IMAP and less secure settings should be enabled. Is software showing an error message “Failed to add account. Please provide IMAP server information”? Click Here.

  5. The tool will start loading your Yahoo account data and will display on the left panel showing checkbox before every folder
    Yahoo account
  6. Now go to export tab and select the desired file format to save the Yahoo folders
    export tab
  7. Select the folders to save them locally
  8. Browse the destination to save the files on your desired location
  9. At last, click on the save button
  10. The process will start to back up the selected folders, you can see the status on the tool screen, and press the completion popup after the process is complete.
  11. By the above steps you can save your Yahoo folders locally on your pc. If you want to backup Yahoo Mail folders to some other cloud based account, here are the steps.

Process to backup Yahoo Mail folders to other account

Tip: We recommend that you use the demo version of the tool; you can save certain emails locally and to another account with this demo edition. This trial version helps you a lot to know this tool and its functionality.

  • Follow the previous steps to add your Yahoo mail account on the tool
    add your Yahoo mail account
  • Once the Yahoo mail folders are displayed on the tool’s screen
    Yahoo mail folders
  • Go to export tab and select Email services
    Email services
  • Select the check box; enter your back up email address and password. Finally, click on the save button.
    save button

This process will save your folders to your desired email account. You can check the folders after the process is finished. You can choose any process to back up your Yahoo Mail, whether to save it locally or to some other email account.

Enquire about: If you face any difficulty while running the application or when backing up the emails locally or to other account you can ask us any time. We have 24*7 helpline to fix your problem and to give you hassle free experience.


This article provides a complete solution on how to back up Yahoo Mail folders. It is not possible to back up the entire folder at once manually. So the workaround which is 4n6 EmailBakup helps to get the job done and allows you to save all folders at once.


By Nick Rogers

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