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How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

What situation makes you want to backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

Is your Yahoo account storage almost full and now you want to clear some space by exporting your important emails to your Google account?

Is it some kind of situation that makes you switch your account from Yahoo to Gmail?

Or is it some kind of contingency plan, where if you can’t access your Yahoo account due to server failure or something like that, then you can access your same important emails from your Gmail account?

The situation may be many, but the query is one. How to backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail account?

So, let’s discuss some of the methods by which you can backup Yahoo mail to Gmail

METHOD FIRST: Manual method

Forwarding the emails can be a way to back up your Yahoo Mail account to the Google account. In this, you need to open all the important messages and then send them to the Gmail account.

But since it is not easy to forward all your emails from Yahoo to Gmail one by one, if you have tons of data as it may take several hours. And if you also have so many attachments in your account then forget it, we don’t even want to talk about this horror story.

So if you think it’s a tiring process, which it actually is, and you want to accomplish this task in a simple way, read our other method.

METHOD SECOND: Alternative method

This method can overcome all the limitations of the manual process and can make this task worthwhile. So let’s discuss this method in detail.

Yahoo Mail to Gmail Migration Tool: An alternative solution

To counter the tiring manual process, this workaround is available to perform this task on your behalf; all you need to do is a few clicks. The application called EmailBakup is the best to backup Yahoo Mail to Gmail account in an easy and fast way.

It consists of just a few steps through which you can easily achieve the desired result. Let’s take a look at the process below:

The process to backup Yahoo emails to Gmail

Helpful Suggestion: This app comes with a demo edition. By using this trial version, you will get to know the working process and the effectiveness of the tool. So you must go for a trial.

  • Download the Yahoo Mail to Gmail Migration Software on your Windows platform from the link below
    Download- email-backup
  • Now get ready to install the app by accepting the casual terms and conditions to finish its setup
  • Now run the application to start the process
    Yahoo Mail to Gmail Migration Tool
  • Click on the Open tab to select Add Account from the various options
    Add Account
  • Enter Yahoo Email Account Details such as email address, password and IMAP server
    Enter Yahoo Email Account Details

Note: IMAP server name for Yahoo account is (

  • Once the account has been successfully added, all the Yahoo data will be uploaded to the tool, which you can see on the left panel of the tool screen.
    successfully added
  • Now go to Export tab and select Gmail as Email Services
    select Gmail
  • Enter your backup Gmail email address and password

  • And lastly, click on the save button.

The process will start and in a few moments your Yahoo Mails will be saved in your Gmail account. Once the process is finished, the information showing the messages have been successfully exported will be displayed, with the tab to open Gmail through which you directly open your Google account.

Know More About the Yahoo to Gmail Migration Tool

Allow backup of Yahoo account in Gmail in bulk: Since this tool overcomes the limitation of manual process. It doesn’t work like forwarding email one by one, it supports backing up all your emails at once. When exporting your emails, you will not face any file size limitation.

Back up only specific messages: Sometimes all important emails come from a specific address that you need to take a backup of. What will you do in such a situation? Export them one by one? We suggest that you don’t have to as this app provides you with a search function by which you can find a specific email address to backup.

It allows you to have a preview: this application is not only limited to exporting your messages, you can also open them for your convenience. So if you want to see what information the email contains, you can easily check it by double-clicking the email. You can also open your attachments.

Standalone application: all tasks are performed by this single application. There is no need to configure any other settings or download any other necessary setup between tasks. This application is completely independent and virus free.

In Conclusion

In this article, we have tried our best to help you face the query on how to backup Yahoo Mail to Google account. Since the manual forwarding process is so tiring and time-consuming, the Yahoo backup tool can accomplish this task in less than a minute by exporting all Yahoo data to Gmail at once.


By Nick Rogers

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