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How to Create Yandex Email Backup?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

“Hi, I have been using Yandex email account for a long time and as my account storage is almost full and I am having trouble getting new emails. I want to free up space from the account, but I can’t delete the emails until I’ve saved them to an easily accessible replacement. In this way, can you help me and give me a better solution to create a Yandex email backup?”

Not only this query, but there are tons of queries that are spread across some forum pages asking for the same.

Today is the time when securing your account is necessary more than anything. Because as a professional, you might have emails that are of the utmost importance and losing them can cost you a lot.

Let us bring you the most valuable Yandex email backup solutions.

Ways to Create Yandex Email Backup

There are mostly two ways to secure the Yandex emails.

The very first method is that you can sync your account with the desktop based email client like Outlook or Thunderbird account. That way you can have the Yandex emails on your desktop. But here are some conditions like;

  • You must have configured with such a desktop email client
  • The desktop client that you sync with the Yandex account only offers the supported file format. For example, Outlook offers you the PST file format
  • You cannot open such a file format without using a supported email client.

These are some of the primary restrictions that prevent you from having trouble-free access. So, if you are not happy with this method and need another method that gives you many other file formats than those supported by the desktop, you can choose the automatic way.

An Automatic Way to Backup Yandex Emails

The application that we offer you is the most useful for making a Yandex email backup. Do you know why? Because it offers you multiple file formats and even an email client to backup the emails. Aside from this file format, there are many benefits that you can take to make the task easier to complete.

Before we introduce the application, we need to tell you what this application has for you and how you can benefit from it

Using the tool, you can create a Yandex email backup in.

  • PST, MBOX, and EML email data files
  • PDF, HTML, CSV, and text document files
  • Export Yandex emails to another cloud-based account

Are you now interested in the tool? Would you like to know more about it?

Okay let us tell you.

4n6 EmailBakup is the application that offers you all the functions and offers you a user-friendly interface for the Yandex Email Backup. With this tool you can save all your emails at once and also with the attachments as a complete export.

And now how can we forget one of the nicest things about this tool? The tool only requires you to take a few steps to fully complete the task. So it is highly recommended that you watch the demo so that as you run the tool, you know what step to take next.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Backup Yandex Email

  • Download the Yandex backup software to your device by clicking on the link

  • Now, after accepting the general agreement, install the backup tool in your easily accessible location and then launch it


  • Now click on the Open tab and then click on Add Account from the given option


  • Enter the Yandex email address and password and enter the IMAP server setting for Yandex


Note: The IMAP server name for the Yandex email account is (
  • After adding the account, you will see that all of the Yandex folders have loaded on the left side of the tool. If you want to look at the emails, you can do so by clicking on them


  • Now click on the Export tab and select the desired File Format for viewing Yandex emails offline


  • Browse the location where you want Yandex emails to be backed up and at last click the Save


Important note: if you want a Yandex email backup in another account, please go to the Email Service and select IMAP. Then enter the backup email address and password and click the Save button.

Now you can see that processing to export the data has started. In a few moments, your data will be saved in the format and location you selected. Congratulations! Your Yandex email backup task is now complete

Frequently Asked Questions by Some Users

Does this tool have data backup limits?

No, the only limitation is on the free version as you can backup 10 emails from each folder. However, if you purchase a license key, you can backup as much data as you want.

Can this tool save attachments with the emails?

Yes, the overall data your account contains, this tool supports backing up any emails or attachments that are in it

Can I do a Yandex email backup multiple times using this software?

Yes, you can use the software at any time and for any account to backup the data after you have purchased a license key.

Do I have to install a different setup with this application?

No, the application is complete and does not require any other configuration.

In Conclusion

There is no manual way to do a Yandex email backup. You can only sync the account with a desktop-based account (if configured with) and then export the Yandex.Mail files to the compatible file format. However, if you are looking for a solution that has multiple options for saving files, you can choose the Yandex email backup tool.



By Nick Rogers

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