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How to Backup G Suite Emails in Few Steps?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 4 Min Read

What purpose do you use G Suite for, personal or business? Regardless of the purpose, you might have tons of emails and other vital information on the service. It is therefore recommended that you backup G Suite emails for current and future contingency needs.

What do you think? How important is it to create a backup? The importance of having a backup can be understood by looking at the different purposes of different users.

Let’s understand this through a few situations that lead to G Suite email being backed up

Different Purposes for Backing up G Suite Emails

Some organizations offer this email service to employees to work on the organization’s premises. If the employee wants to change jobs or leave, he must have with him all the emails that he uses to communicate with customers for future needs.

In this case, a backup of G Suite emails is required. However, you need to be aware of organizational policies that whether or not securing them is ethical or unethical.

Another reason may be that the email service cannot be accessed without a proper network connection because it is a cloud computing service. In such a situation where you want to easily view the emails, you need to keep them for offline viewing as well. You can do this if you backup G Suite emails.

These are a few main purposes that compel people to keep the emails secure. To counter this situation, we offer you the solution.

An Appropriate Solution to Backup G Suite Emails

We are very concerned about your time. So without providing you the way that will use up most of your time in just one task, we’d like to offer you the way that takes minutes from you and also has so many advantages for ease of execution of Task.

G Suite Email Backup Tool: A Finest Solution

The reason we suggest the application to you is because it is the most reliable and easiest to use. With the help of this 4n6 EmailBakup application you can backup mass data from the G Suite account.

What makes this application special, and why we recommend this application to you, is the storage option you get to backup G Suite emails. Take a closer look at the options for saving files

Other Account: You can backup G Suite emails to any other cloud-based account that supports IMAP

Email Files: If you want to open G Suite email to a desktop-based account, you can choose a file format such as PST, MBOX, and EML

Document Files: These are one of the most easily accessible file formats. Here you can choose HTML, CSV, Text and PDF.

All of these storage options are just a demo of the benefits this application has for you. It has tons of features to help you do your job more conveniently.

Now just without wasting any time, we’d like to invite you to take a look at the process by which you can backup G Suite emails in a matter of moments.

Process to Backup G Suite Account Emails

  • Click the link provided to download the application to your device.

  • Now by accepting the casual terms install the application on your preferred location, and then launch the application to follow the steps.


  • Click the Open tab, and then click Add Account from the drop-down menu


  • Now enter the G Suite email address and password and the name of the IMAP server. And then click the Add button


Note: IMAP server name for the G Suite email account (
Attention here – If you are facing any error while adding the G Suite account in the tool, then make sure IMAP and other policy should be enabled less secure. If the software still shows any error like, Failed to add account. Provide IMAP server Information”. Click here.
  • The software will connect to the account and load all the account folders in the left pane which you can then view by clicking on them.


  • Click the Export tab, and then select your preferred Email Files or Document Files for offline viewing. Here we take an example of PDF file format


  • Now browse the location to save the resulting files and then click the Save


Your G Suite emails are now saved in the location of your choice. Now you can access your e-mail with a standard application on your device even without a network connection.

In Conclusion

The easiest way to backup G Suite emails is to use the G Suite email backup tool. The tool has a simple interface and it gives you the easiest way to achieve your goal.


By Nick Rogers

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