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How to Open Maildir Files in Outlook?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Open • 5 Min Read

Do you need to know how to open Maildir files in Outlook? Then you should review the entire article to resolve your query with one of the best and most accurate solutions.

Well, Maildir files are one of the best ways to organize and keep each of your emails separately in a single file. But, these files are not compatible with the Outlook files.

So the question here is if Maildir files are not compatible with Outlook, how can they be opened in it?

Is there any way to open Maildir files in Outlook?

Yes, there is a way to open your Maildir files in each version of your Outlook account. As Microsoft Outlook account supports opening PST files. We would like to suggest you to convert Maildir files to PST so that you can easily access your messages.

Now, that you have found a way to access your Maildir files in Outlook via PST conversion. The other question that arises here is how to convert Maildir files to PST, is there a way? Is there any solution to counter this problem?

Of course, there is a solution and we must say that solution is the most suitable. This can easily solve your problem and will ease your burden by making everything easier.

Introducing you an appropriate solution to tackle this situation

4n6 Email Converter: A perfect solution

4n6 Email Converter is the most reliable and appropriate way to deal with the situation. With the help of this application, you can easily open Maildir files in Outlook by converting them to PST. Everything is good with this tool, the process to export the files, consume less time, and features. O yes, features we almost forgot to tell you about the unique features, let’s take a look below:

4n6 Email Converter

  • This application is capable to convert Maildir files to PST in few clicks
  • This tool allows you to export Maildir files in bulk with no limitation of size
  • You can even extract emails from Maildir files in this application
  • Comes with a built-in function to save your resultant data in the desired location

These are just a few features of the tool that we discuss here so you can have an overview of this application. But trust us, this tool can do much more than you guess. Let’s now go to the process by following you can accomplish the task.

The process to open Maildir files in Outlook by exporting to PST

Tip: This app comes with a trial version, in case you want to try it first. With the help of the demo version, you can get acquainted with the tool, its working process, features, and all other advantages. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to take a demo first.

  • First of all, download the app on that computer or tablet where your Maildir files are saved
  • By accepting all the terms and condition install the application
  • Now start running the application to perform the process
  • Click on the Open tab and then select Email Data Files
    Email Data Files
  • Now go to Maildir files and choose folders from the location
    Maildir files
  • Thereafter, click on the Export tab once all the Maildir files are fully loaded on the
  • Now select PST from the various available options
  • Browse the location where you want to save your PST files
  • And finally, hit on the Save button
  • Lastly, run MS Outlook email client and import output PST file.
    run MS Outlook

The process will start that in a few moments will export all your Maildir files to PST in the selected location. Information will also appear in the tool that informs you about the completion of the process.

Get to know the tool in depth

Friendly user-interface: This app is useful for all technical and non-technical people. So don’t worry if you don’t have any technical knowledge. This tool does not include unnecessary information or pages to complicate your task. It is advanced and easy to use.

Search function: If you have tons of data and need to find some specific file, things could go massy. But not with this app as it allows you to make this task even easier. It has a built-in function by which you can search for particular files.

Compatibility: This Maildir viewer application is compatible with all available versions of Windows. So you don’t need to worry if you are not using the latest Windows platform, you can also run this tool on the older version of Windows.

Supports to open Maildir files in all versions of Outlook: When you export the Maildir files to PST, these converter files are supported in all versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

In Conclusion

This article contains a complete solution on how to open Maildir files in Outlook. Since it is not possible to open Maildir files directly in Outlook, we have provided another way to address this problem by converting Maildir files to PST. This way you can easily overcome your problem.


By Nick Rogers

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