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How to Open MBOX File in Outlook?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Open • 5 Min Read

There is no native support to open MBOX file in Outlook as this account supports opening a few different file formats. So, if you are thinking of a possible solution for opening MBOX files in Outlook, you have to find a different way.

One of the best and possible ways to open MBOX files in Outlook is to convert the MBOX files into an Outlook compatible file format such as PST.

But, do you know how to convert MBOX files to PST so that you can easily open them in Outlook?

Well, the conversion is the best way to get the job done. However, it is not possible to convert MBOX files to PST manually. It can only be done through a suitable application that supports the exporting of the MBOX files so that once exported into PST you can easily open them in Outlook.

So let’s go through that app and get everything to open MBOX file in Outlook 2016, Outlook 2010, and all versions of Outlook accounts.

Introducing you the 4n6 Email Converter

Make your task easy and worth doing with the 4n6 Email Converter tool. This application comes with a built-in feature that allows you to export MBOX files to PST so you can view your emails in Outlook. This is very unique, advanced and allows you to do your task very comfortably. Take a look at some of the features that make your task easier and this tool amazing.

4n6 Email Converter

  • Allow you to open MBOX files in all version of Outlook
  • It can easily convert MBOX files in PST in few clicks
  • Allow you to export MBOX files in bulk with no size limitation
  • Supports to save your resultant files in the desired location
  • Allow you to take a preview of emails containing in the MBOX file
  • Export your MBOX files in PST with all the attachments
These are some of the qualities of the application related to your task. With this short discussion, you can have an overview of the tool. Now let us offer you the process so that you will not face any problems while doing the task.

Easy steps to open MBOX file in Outlook 2019, 2016

  • Firstly, download the application on your Window platform where your MBOX files are saved
  • Now prepare to install the application, agree on casual terms and conditions and finish the installation.
  • Now start to run the application, when the tool’s screen is opened you will see some tabs
    run the application
  • Click on the Open tab and select Email Data Files
    Email Data Files
  • Go to MBOX files and choose the files/folders from the specific location
    MBOX files
  • Now go to the Export tab once all the folders are uploaded, which you can see on the left panel of the tool
  • Select Email Service as PST from the various available options
    Select PST
  • Now click on the checkbox against the MBOX folders to be exported
  • Click on the browse button then select the desired location to save your resultant files
    Browse button

Note: you can also enable the options such as open folders after exporting is done, skip greyed out folders, include email header, etc.

  • And lastly, click on the save button visible above on the left panel of the tool.
  • Lastly, run Microsoft Outlook and import the resultant PST file using the Open Outlook Data File option.
    Open Outlook Data File

Once you hit the Save button, the export will start, which will take a few moments to export all the data to your desired location. After that, all information will be displayed in the tool after completing the process that will also allow you to open the folder directly where your files have been saved.

Get more about the tool

Easy to use: This app comes with one of the best user-friendly interfaces. This will not make you face any barriers while you are doing your task. All functions and processes are self-understanding, so you don’t need help from anyone.

Maintains Accuracy: This app doesn’t manipulate your data while converting MBOX files to PST. You will find your data in the original form and no data will be lost during the conversion. So feel free to do your task.

Completely independent: This application can alone open MBOX file in Outlook, it is not required with any other compatible application, nor to download any other settings to fully perform the task. This application is independent and sufficient to get the job done.

Compatible with all Windows: If you think this application can work only on the latest Window version, then you need to know that this application can work on the entire Windows version such as Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and others.

In Conclusion

This article contains a complete solution on how to open MBOX file in Outlook. As it is not possible to open the MBOX file in Outlook as it is not compatible with it. So we provide you with 4n6 Emil Converter to convert MBOX mailbox file to PST. Therefore you can easily open it in Outlook.


By Nick Rogers

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