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How to Easily Migrate Yahoo to G Suite With All Attachments?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Migrate • 5 Min Read

If you are planning a larger platform to handle email communication for your business, then you can think of G Suite, just like most Yahoo users think the same. But the only barrier between starting the task is the solution that they cannot find. And to solve this problem, we are here to help you migrate Yahoo to G Suite.

Well, this task seems like one of the most difficult to you, and the migration from Yahoo to G Suite seems like one of the easiest for us, do you know why? Because we know the solution and you don’t know it yet, but when you know which program can easily migrate Yahoo to G Suite, you will think that the task is also one of the easiest.

So are you ready to know that solution? well why not, that’s why you’re here. So, without delay another minute, let us introduce you to the ultimate solution to migrate Yahoo to G Suite. Just go ahead, your problem is about to be solved.

An Ultimate Program that Can Easily Migrate Yahoo to G Suite

Before telling you what solution we are going to offer you, we must first tell you why we are offering you that solution; the reason is that it gives you all the convenience you may need to migrate Yahoo to G Suite. On the other hand, it’s so quick to finish the task that you won’t have to sit for hours.

4n6 EmailBakup is the program we were talking about, this is the ultimate solution that can easily migrate Yahoo to G Suite. It is the most reliable application that is solving user’s data migration problem without making them face any problem.

Let’s now see in detail why we recommend this solution to you, you may also want to know why you should choose this solution. Well, for this we offer you some of the functionalities so that you understand and know a little about the tool. These characteristics will allow you to know the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool. So take a look.

Check out Some Features of the Yahoo to G Suite Migrator

Easy to use: This app is the second name for simplicity, and you will understand that when you run the tool. This application is very easy to use, trust us, you will not face any problem while doing task in it.

Migrate Bulk Email: We can understand that you may have the thousands of emails in your Yahoo account that you need to migrate. Now, if you are afraid to think if you can migrate them all at the same time or not. Let us tell you that you can migrate massive emails from Yahoo and all at once.

Also Migrate Attachments: it is impossible that you do not have attachments in your Yahoo! account; we are also sure that you will not want to leave them, well, you don’t have to. With this app you can also migrate attachments to G Suite account. It simply migrates the entire data without discrimination.

Yahoo Preview: If you’re wondering, it would be best if you could preview all emails before migrating. Well, your imagination now comes true. With this application you can preview all emails with all attachments very easily.

Did we mention some of the features in the header? Of course we mentioned, these are just some of the features that we offer you for an overview. There are many that you will find when you run the. . . You know what to do.

Now let’s go to. . ? Any guess? No, don’t worry, let us tell you. The process. Let’s look at the process you need to go through to migrate Yahoo to G Suite. It is necessary because it will help you when you run the tool and then you will not face any problem by following the next step.

Process for Easily Migrating Yahoo Mail to G Suite

  • You must first Download the Yahoo to G Suite migrator on your Windows compatible device by pressing the following link

Download email backup

  • Now Install the application accepting some general condition and finally Run it


  • Click the Open tab and then click Add Account from the drop-down menu


  • Enter Yahoo email address and password and also enter Yahoo IMAP server name and then click “Add


Note: The IMAP server name for Yahoo is (
  • Now you will see that all Yahoo mailboxes have started to load in the left pane of the tool. Here, if you need, you can preview.


  • Click on the Export tab and then click on IMAP from the drop-down list


  • Enter the G Suite email address and password and also enter the IMAP server name for G Suite and then click the Save button


Now the emails from your Yahoo! account will be migrated to G Suite in no time. Your task is now completed with all ease.

In Conclusion

Whenever you need to migrate Yahoo to G Suite, you can think of the Yahoo migrator. As this application brings you so many benefits and also gives you all the convenience so that you will not face any trouble to get the task done. so for a great and amazing experience, try the suggested tool.




By Nick Rogers

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