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How to Import PST File to Microsoft 365?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Import • 5 Min Read

Thinking of moving from the Microsoft desktop-based client to a web-based client? Well, you are not the only one. There are many others who think the same and have decided to try one of the most popular Microsoft 365. So what are you waiting for? Let’s proceed to import PST file to Microsoft 365.

We mention the PST file because Microsoft’s “Outlook” desktop client supports PST files that are saved to local storage. And this is what creates a barrier when importing a PST file to Microsoft 365.

As we said, you are not the only one; there are many users who are deciding to move towards Microsoft 365. Let’s consider one of the queries to understand the situation or scenario that makes people try this new service and why it is Microsoft 365.

Hi, I have been using my Outlook account to send personal emails for many years. And since I just got to operate a business, I decided to create an email account for business purpose and Microsoft 365 is the best as it provides many benefits for business professionals.

Now I am having trouble managing both the account due to time restriction, so can you tell me how can I transfer all email in Microsoft 365 and since the file is saved locally in PST, can you provide me with a way to import PST file to Microsoft 365?

The query is valid and Microsoft 365 features are the main reason people are moving to the account. So, let’s fast forward to import the PST file to Microsoft 365.

An Ultimate Solution to Import PST File to Microsoft 365

Since the PST file is stored locally on a personal drive, there is no direct solution for this task. So here, in order to perform this task more properly and smoothly, you will need to use a workaround.

4n6 Email Converter is the most suitable application that allows you to carry out this task. PST Importer to Microsoft 365 is the most reliable fully automated application requiring less time to fully import PST file to Microsoft 365

Now you know the solution that makes this task possible. It’s time to find out how this solution goes about the whole process. So familiarize yourself with the process, we are putting in a step-by-step guide for your convenience. So check it out.

Process for Importing PST File to Microsoft 365

  • Download the PST to Microsoft 365 Importer to your Windows compatible device by clicking the link provided

  • Install the application and launch it after the setup is complete
  • Now first click on the Open tab to select further option


  • Now click on Email Data File, select Outlook OST / PST Files and then click on Choose from a folder


  • Select all of the PST folders you want from the device and click Open to load them into the tool
  • Now you can see that all of the selected PST folders have been loaded onto the. Here you can preview the PST files if you want


  • Click the Export tab, and then click Office 365 from the drop-down list


  • Now enter the Microsoft 365 email address and password and click the save button visible at the top in the right-hand area


You can now see that the process has started, the process only takes a few moments, and your PST files are being imported into Microsoft 365.

Aside from this small process, the uniqueness of the tool lies in its features that make it easier for you to get the job done. Hence, you need to know these features as they will tell you about the effectiveness of the tool. So check out some of them.

Some Highlighted Features of the Tool

Simple user interface: One of the first things a solution needs to have is simplicity. Hence, the tool has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily import PST file to Microsoft 365.

Batch PST Import: This app doesn’t really care how much PST file you need to import. Because this tool supports the import of bulk PST files in one go. The app is not limited to the data size. So, choose the PST files freely and import them right away.

Supports PST Preview: Don’t want to import PST file to Microsoft 365 without checking it? This is where this tool can help. The tool allows you to preview all emails in the PST as well as all attachments. So check this before importing

Advanced search option: This function is very helpful for you if you want to search the e-mails of a certain e-mail address and also from a certain period of time. So if you’re in a hurry and want to check specific emails, there is no need to go through all of them. Just go to the search option and apply the filters to find something.

In Conclusion

You may need to import PST file to Microsoft 365 in many different situations, but if you really need to do this work, you should use a workaround. And the PST importer to Microsoft 365 is considered the best as it provides you everything easy to do the task more conveniently.



By Nick Rogers

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