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How to Split VCF into Multiple files?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Split • 5 Min Read

Sometimes we store all contacts in individual vCard files ignoring the fact that some phone numbers are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone else. When there is a need arise to share some of the contacts (that are stored in vCard files), you just can’t do it because of that sensitive contact. And here comes the need to split VCF into multiple files.

This could be the one reason, but there are also other reasons that cause people to split VCF into multiple files. Take a look.

Reason to Split VCF into Multiple Files

When you need a separate VCF file for each person’s personal information. Your phone book contains all the important details of a person such as company name, job title, zip code, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address.

And you save a lot of the contacts that contain all of this important information in individual VCF files. And now you might think of separating each person’s contact information by splitting the vCard files into many.

And that’s how you can have a single vCard file for each contact.

Is it Possible to Split VCF Files into Multiple Files?

The answer is both yes and no. See how. No, because you can only create a separate vCard file for each contact. However, if you create a single file once for each contact, you won’t be able to split them up.

Now we come to the second answer: Yes. This is because there are other ways to make this work possible. There is a workaround that can easily split VCF into multiple files. Now we can say that nothing is more surprising to you than that now you can finally split vCard files.

Now let us introduce you to the workaround so that you can finish your work quickly.

An Automated Workaround to Split vCard into Multiple VCF files

The application allows you to split VCF into multiple files with just one tab. Yes, you heard, oh sorry, read it right with just a single tab. With the help of this 4n6 vCard converter, you can get your job done in seconds. The tool gives you the ease of making your experience of performing the task more enjoyable. Just see what this application can do

  • The app can split bulk VCF files into separate vcf files at once
  • The app allows you to save all the VCF files at your chosen location
  • Allows you to look at the vCard files by opening them in the tool itself
  • Maintain the integrity of vCard files data while splitting process.
  • Tested at all parameters and is 100% safe & secure to use

All these qualities of the tool will help you throughout the process and make your task more flexible to do. Now let’s look at the process, because without following the process how would you split VCF into multiple files. So just take a look below:

Easy Process to Split VCF into Multiple Files

  • Firstly, click on the given link to download the application


  • Install the app by finishing its setup and then run the application
  • Click on the Open and click either Choose Folders or Choose Files


  • After selecting the vCard from the device, click open to load them on the tool


  • Now click on the Export tab and then click on vCard as document files


  • Now click Browse button to select the location of your choice, and lastly click on the Save button


Your vCard files will now be exported to the location you selected. You will be notified of the completion of the process with the tab to directly open the location to open the resulting files.

Note: The vCard converter application comes with a free version. With this trial version, you can go through the whole process and become familiar with the tool and learn about its efficiency and effectiveness. You can export ten contacts from each folder by enjoying a demo version. If you need to fully use the tool, you will need to purchase the license key. And apart from that, when you need to view vCard files, you can do it anytime.
Some Frequently Asked Question
If I need to use the tool on another device, do I have to purchase the license again?No, you only have to purchase the license key once, and can use the same key for another device.Do I need to purchase a license key to open the vCard files?No, you will be able to open the VCF files without even purchasing the license key.I’m using the old version of Windows. Can this tool run on the old version?

Yes, the application is compatible with all versions of Windows.

In Conclusion

Sometimes all the contacts in just one VCF file can be a problem and splitting them seems like the only way to overcome this situation. There is no manual method available to enable this task. All you have to do is use an alternate application. So if you are interested, you can use our suggested application to split VCF into multiple files.


By Nick Rogers

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