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How to Import vCard to Office 365?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Import • 4 Min Read

“Hi, I have so many vCard files on my desktop that contain many important customer contacts. Since I am using Office 365 (provided by the organization as an official means of email client) to always be in contact with the other employees of the organization. I need to import vCard to Office 365 so I can see my contacts from any device whenever I want

Please help and provide a way that I can import them all at once because I have thousands of VCF files.”

There are so many inquiries spreading on the Internet about the same thing. We have discussed one of the queries here so you can relate with the problem. We assume that you did not reach this article by coincidence, you may have the save problem that brings you here in this article. So let’s get over this situation and get a proper solution in this article.

Is It Possible to Import vCard to Office 365 in Just a Few Steps?

It is good to save contacts in vCard file format as they require less space and can be well maintained. But on the other hand, if your computer crashes and you lose all vCard files, it will be considered a huge loss. To avoid this situation, import vCard in Office 365 is fine decision. But is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. But the thing to consider is that it is not possible manually. If you need to perform this task, you should use a workaround. No other option can enable import. So if you are really interested, let us suggest you one of the best apps that can import vCard into Office 365 in a few steps.

vCard to Office 365 exporter tool: A Finest Choice

A workaround that allows vCard imports is the 4n6 vCard Converter. The application is more reliable and easier to use. The application allows you to import vCard to Office 365 in less than a minute. Also, if you have a lot of vCard files, this tool is not limited by file size, so it’s okay. Import as many files you need.

The tool is unique and is packed with lots of benefits to make your task even easier. Let us provide you some highlighted features related to import of your vCard files.

  • The vCard exporter allows you to import vCard to Office 365 files in bulk
  • Allow you to take a preview of vCard files before import
  • The application Offers only few steps to fully complete the task
  • Is compatible with all version of Windows, old or latest
  • This application Safe and secure from any type of viruses

We promised to provide a tool that can complete the process in just a few steps. Well, this is a tool. Let’s take a look at the steps so you can see how easy it is to perform a task with this tool.

Process to Import vCard Files to Office 365

  • At first download the application from the link below and then install it

Image for post

  • Now launch the application to begin the process
  • Click on Open tab and then click on Choose files Or Choose Folders, you can choose any of the option at your convenience.


  • You also can take a preview of vCard files, once all the vCard are loaded on the tool.


  • Now click on Export tab and select Office 365


  • Now enter backup Office 365 address and password and then click on the save


Once you hit the Save button, the export will begin. You can see the export process on the screen of the tool. And once the process is complete, you will be notified about it. If you want to open Office 365 directly from the tool, it is possible. As a tab will be provided to directly open the file location.

In Conclusion

If you need to import vCard to Office 365, you will have to use a different application as there is no manual solution. Therefore, you can use the recommended application, which is a vCard to Office365 exporter, to make your tasks more reliable and enjoyable. The application is trusted and is solving user queries for a very long time. Therefore, you must give a try on this tool.

If you face any difficulty using the tool, you can ask us anytime for any technical assistance.




By Nick Rogers

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