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How to Extract Photo from vCard?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Extract • 5 Min Read

As you may know, vCard files can store a large amount of data at once, such as contacts, email addresses, addresses of contact persons, and also photos of contacts. Sometimes your vCard file contains all of that data and all you need are photos. So in this case, what to do? How to extract a photo from vCard?

The real problem starts when you have tons of VCF files containing photos. Now just think that it is very troublesome, when you only want to view the vCard files. Then only extracting photos from them is really a problem, a big problem.

In such case a solution is required that can extract photo from vCard, photos only, even if your files have a lot of other data.

So let us bring you the best app that can make this work possible in just a few moments.

A Reliable Solution to Convert Photo from vCard

No manual method can extract photo from vCard, and what are we talking about? Extracting photos is far away even no manual method can even open the VCF files. Now you must be thinking that did you do the right to save all the important data as vCard.

As far we can say that the decision is good since now it is easy to share data by selecting the files, we mean it’s easier than sharing contacts one by one. The only problem with vCard files is that they need a compatible application to be able to open or extract a photo.

In this case you only need a solution that is specially designed to make this type of task possible. So let us introduce you that app to make it easier to do.

vCard Photo extractor application

The tool that allows you to extract photos from VCF files is called the 4n6 vCard Converter app. The application is very specialized and is an all in one solution. It has all the qualities you’ve always wanted to extract photo from vCard files, and it can extract your photos with just one tab click. It’s never been easier. Therefore, we recommend this tool because we are more concerned about your time.

The tools offers only few stairs by stepping you can reach your destination. So we highly recommend you to go through the process. So that you know what steps to take when you actually run the app and perform the task.

Process to Extract Photos From vCard Files

  • First you need to download the application on your Windows supported device, and then install its setup.


  • Launch the application and begin the process, when the tool is open you will see only one tab “Open”


  • Click on Open tab and then click to select option from Choose Files Or Choose folders


  • Now select the vCard files or folders from your computer and then open them on the tool.


  • Once you click on open, the files will automatically load on the left panel of the tool which you can open them by clicking on the files.


  • Now go to Extract tab and then click to select Contact Photos


  • Now browse the location to save the resulting files at your favourite destination and then click on the save


The process is complete. Your photos will now be extracted from vCard files in few moments. If you want to open the location of your saved files directly from the tool, it is possible. You just need to click Open folder which will appear after completion of the process.

Note: If you are using the free version, the tool can extract 10 photos from each folder. The trial version helps you run the process and gives you familiarity with the tools. If you want to get the most out of your tools, you only need to purchase your license key once. Then use the app many times to extract photo from vCard on any device.

Get more of the tool

Allow preview: This tool is very useful not only for extracting, but also for opening VCF files. As you know you need a compatible application to open them, in this case you can use this tool as a support. And can open them to check what information they contains some valuable or not.

Extract in bulk: No need to worry if you have more than hundred files, this tool can extract photo from vCard at once. The tool has no limitation on files size, and is able to load them from the device with few clicks.

Save at your place: The application will not extract your photos in the download folder to mess up your data. The app will offer you to choose your own location or to create a fresh folder to save to resultant photos by just clicking on the browse button.

100% Safe and Secure: The application has been tested many times to ensure that it can be safely used on any device. It is malware-free and easy to download without harming your computer.

In Conclusion

If you need to extract photo from vCard, you will have to use another application as there is no manual method available. Therefore, if you want to make this task easier, you can use the recommended vCard Photo Extractor. We only can say that before deciding anything you must go for the free trial to experience its effectiveness and efficiency.


By Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers is your go-to Email Migration Specialist and Content Creator, dedicated to simplifying the intricate world of email transitions while delivering top-notch content that resonates with both tech enthusiasts and everyday users.