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How to Read Old Thunderbird Emails?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Read • 4 Min Read

Are you looking for a solution for how to read old Thunderbird emails? Now don’t worry and continue read this dedicated blog post here. Thunderbird contains your email in MBOX format, which cannot be easily opened. Either you need to use the support email client or you need to install an alternative app that supports opening them.

What to do if you are not set up with a Thunderbird account and need to open these emails. Do you need to know how to read old Thunderbird emails even without having an account configuration on your device?

Do you want to know the suitable solution that makes this task possible?

Well, we will offer you a suitable solution that will allow you to read old Thunderbird emails easily.

There are many situations that cause you to quit the current email account. But leaving the current email account doesn’t mean leaving the old data behind. There is always a way to open them all you need to find a suitable solution for this.

So let’s take a look at the solution which makes this possible to read old Thunderbird emails

4n6 Free Thunderbird Email Viewer: An All-in-One Solution

If you think you can’t open Thunderbird emails without having an account setup, think again. This tool can overcome all the previous hurdles you might face and can read old Thunderbird email. This app has the ability to open Thunderbird emails very easily even with the support of any other application.

This reliable and fully automated software gives you easy access to Thunderbird emails. Now let’s see how this app performs this task.

Steps to read old Thunderbird emails

Download the Thunderbird emails reader software on your Windows platform

4n6 Email Converter

Install and then Run the application
Run the application

Click Open tab and select Desktop Email Clients
Desktop Email Clients

Click Thunderbird accounts and choose folders / files from your device to be loaded on the tool
How to Read Old Thunderbird Emails

You can now see that all of your Thunderbird files are visible on the left panel of the tool. You can read them by clicking on the emails.

Note: This tool allows you to view unlimited Thunderbird emails. You can view them anytime you want by running the application. There is no such limitation to read-only few emails.

Another way to read Thunderbird files

This is the one way to read Thunderbird email. But if you want another way to read them, you can choose the option to export them. This way, you can easily access emails without even running the app every time. Take a look below at the process which can export Thunderbird emails to an easily accessible path.

  • Once your Thunderbird files are loaded on the tool
  • Click on the Export tab and select desired Email files such as PST, EML or select Documents file such as PDF, HTML, Text
  • Now browse the location after selecting the file format
    browse the location
  • Then click on the Save

Note: If you want to export them to another email account, opt for an email service and after selecting the desired account, enter the backup email address and password and click the Save button. Then your files will be exported to another email client and you can easily read old Thunderbird emails.

These are all the possible ways by which you can read Thunderbird emails. Now learn more about the tool that lets you know its qualities.

Read more about the Thunderbird viewer

Easy to use: 4n6 Thunderbird Viewer gives you an ease to perform the task. All the functions are self-understanding and easy to perform. You won’t face any hassle while accomplishing the task as this tool comes with a friendly user interface.

Independent application: You don’t need any other application configuration to fully accomplish the task. This Thunderbird Reader is standalone and self-sufficient.

Preview attachments: Not just emails this application allows you to view attachments also. You can open attachments and also can save them with the help of the tool.

Preview all email properties: This application allows you to view all the properties containing in emails. You can also take a look at message header, hex view, and raw message.

In conclusion

In this article, we have provided a suitable solution to your query about how to read old Thunderbird emails. If you are not configured with the account and still want to open emails from them, 4n6 Email Converter is the perfect app to accomplish this task. You can view your email in the tool itself and send it to another email client or other easily accessible file format. So must use this all in one solution.


By Nick Rogers

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