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How to Backup Email from Roundcube?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

Using the Roundcube webmail account to send and receive emails gives you a good impression because your email address is domain after your company name. But have you ever thought of the situation when you lose the email. However we suspect you just did and this thought brings you here to look for the right answer to backup email from Roundcube.

Backing up your account gives you the confidence that whatever the situation, you can access emails from either a home client or a host client.

And this is only possible if you prepare in advance. It means that if you back up Roundcube emails to some substitute such as another email client or file format that you can open with any standard application, it may be the smartest decision for contingencies. So;

What is the delay for? Get all the ways to backup email from Roundcube by giving this article very little time.

All Possible Ways to Backup Roundcube Webmail Emails

Let us first tell you the manual method to address this backup situation.

Caution: With Roundcube’s manual export function, you can only save emails in MBOX or EML format

With the Roundcube built-in function you can save the emails on your desktop. However, there are some conditions like:

If you want to backup individual e-mail, they will only be saved in EML format as usual. But,

If you want to backup the entire folder, you have to save in MBOX format. If you still want to go this route, we offer you the process.

Manual Process to save Roundcube Emails

  • First you need to sign up for Roundcube Mail
  • Now go to the Export Mail that is displayed in the left column
  • Now select the folder from the main menu
  • Here you can select the desired mailbox or all mailboxes
  • Now select the action button
  • Then choose the download option as zip format from the list in the Select drop-down menu to save your Roundcube emails in the MBOX file format

Your Roundcube emails are now backed up, but we’ve already discussed the limitation if you don’t want to go that route as the MBOX format requires a supported application to open. You can opt for the alternative solution which not only offers MBOX but also different file formats.

Automatic Way to Backup Email from Roundcube

4n6 EmailBakup is the application that can be the most suitable solution for you. If you choose this route, you can get different file formats as a backup option. It’s not like the manual method that forces you to choose a default extension, but it gives you the choice to choose from.

It is necessary that you look at the storage option as this will tell you the importance of an alternative application over a manual solution.

Using the App, You can save Email from Roundcube in;

  • PDF, Text, CSV and also HTML file format
  • PST, EML and also MBOX
  • All the IMAP compatible cloud based account

Trust us, these storage options are just a tip of the iceberg. This Roundcube backup tool has much more to do to make the task easier to do.

Now that you finally know the application’s saving option. It is highly recommended that you take a look at the process guide, as it will teach you how to backup email from Roundcube to the preferred file format.

Process to Backup Emails from Roundcube

  • First, you need to download the Roundcube backup tool on your Windows compatible device

Download- email-backup

  • Now install the app by clicking the “Finish” button once you have agreed to the agreement and launch the application


  • Now you need to click on the Open tab and then click on Add Account


  • Enter the Roundcube webmail address and password, and provide the Roundcube IMAP server name


Note: Incoming server address for Roundcube is (your domain
  • After clicking the Add button, you will see that the Roundcube mailboxes have now started loading the backup tool. If necessary, you can open the emails to get an overview of them


  • Now you need to click on the Export tab and then select the Document or Email File of your choice


  • Now click the Browse button in the PDF export option to choose a location for the Roundcube emails and at last click the Save button


Suggestion: If you need to backup email from Roundcube to another email client, you can select the option under Email Service. After selecting the account, you will need to enter the account credentials and then click the Save button to begin the backup.

Well done, you performed the process properly. Now your Roundcube emails will be backed up in the replacement you selected. If you need quick access to the location, you can click the tab that appears when the process is complete.

In Conclusion

If you want to use the Roundcube manual feature to create a backup, you will only get the MBOX format. However, if you want to backup email from Roundcube in an easy-to-open format and also in a cloud-based account with just a single solution, you can go for the Roundcube backup tool.


By Nick Rogers

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