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How to Backup AOL folders?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

Hey, are you using an AOL webmail account? Do you want to backup AOL folders? That’s a great idea. Let’s make a backup of email together, so that you can keep them forever.

Backing up email is one of the smart decisions. But at the same time, you may be afraid of the processes. Such that, if it is possible to backup emails in the desired file format. Or is it even possible to backup the entire folder at once. And since the AOL has a large amount of storage space, you might have lots of email, so backing up entire folders at once can be a problem.

But not anymore, you no longer have to be afraid of the process to back up emails from AOL webmail account. Because what we are going to tell you will change your perception about backup processes. And yes you will be able to backup AOL folders in just few clicks.

Way to Backup AOL Folders in Some Clicks

Almost all email accounts allow you to download the emails, but only a few of them allow you to backup the entire folders under certain conditions, e.g. you need a subscription by paying an additional amount, or if you use the standard methods such as their standard file format or their tedious process.

Now it’s time to choose something that is more concerned about your convenience. With that in mind, we’d like to make a suggestion of application to backup AOL folders more conveniently.

AOL Backup Tool: A More Convenient Way to create Backup

If you are the person who values time and want everything faster than usual, the application is for you. With 4n6 Email Converter you can backup AOL folders in less than a minute. Many users rely on the application to solve the problem of email migration.

The application is full of features that you will see when you go through the tool. And we look forward to telling you one of the best qualities of the tool. We’re very excited to share the file saving option with you. Take a look at these first, and then we will explain the process to create a backup.

You can backup AOL Webmail Folders in,

Email files: This application allows you to choose the EML, MBOX and also the PST format. All of these formats are supported by various desktop email clients. So if you also have such an account, you can use these email files as a storage option.
Documents Files: If email files are not a sufficient storage option, you can opt for the file format that you can easily access, e.g. HTML, CSV, text and also PDF. You can choose this file format to make it easy to open even without a proper network connection.
Email Services:
We’re not over yet. If the file format discussed is not sufficient, you can still choose this option. You can backup the AOL folders to another IMAP supported account for easy access from any device.

Just started loving the application? But guess what, we’re still not over. We have something else for you. The process, this process will guide you to backup AOL folders. It is recommended that you look at the process so that when you run the tool you know what to do next.

Process of Backing up AOL Webmail Account Folders

  • The very first step is download the AOL backup tool on your Windows supported device


  • Now by accepting the agreement, install the application on your desired location. After installation launch the application and now let’s start
  • First you need to click on Open tab to select the Email Accounts and then click Add account
  • Now enter AOL webmail account email address and password. Also fill the IMAP server setting for AOL
Note: IMAP setting for AOL webmail account is (
  • Once you add account and hit the Add button the tool makes connection with the account and start loading all the AOL folders, which you can see on the left panel.
  • Click on Export tab and then select Email Files or Documents Files, you can choose any of the file format at your convenience.
  • Now Browse the location from the tool to save the resultant AOL folders and then lastly click on Save button to begin the backup process.

Suggestion: if you want to backup AOL folders to another account. You need to select Email services. And then by entering the backup email address and password, hit the save button and it’s done.

The entire backup takes a few moments. A message will appear stating that your message was successfully exported when the process was complete. You can also access the location of the resulting files from the tab that appears with the information.

In Conclusion

If you really need to back up AOL folders to an easily accessible file format or any other cloud based account, then you have to go for the suggested AOL backup tool. Because this tool offers you the desired user-friendliness in data processing. So always remember, whenever a backup is required, your convenience is also required.


By Nick Rogers

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