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How to Backup Gmail Emails to Another Gmail Account?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

Is your current Gmail account storage full? Do you want to backup Gmail emails to another Gmail account? Well, that’s the great idea of removing some space from the account. So take a trip and reach the destination where you can take a relaxed breath after backing up your account.

Some situation that make you to create a backup

Even if Gmail provides a large amount of space in the account, after using the service for a long time, it is genuine that the storage can fill up and you will not be able to receive new messages.

Other than storage issues, the other reason may just be a backup plan. You may just want to change the email address and that’s why you want to create a backup first. The reason could be any but the whole situation only leads to one question how to backup Gmail emails

Now you should know how this backup can be made, whether it is possible at all, or whether you should leave the task unfinished. Let’s get to know


Ways to Backup Gmail Emails to Another Gmail Account

To create a backup of the Gmail account, you can forward the message individually to another Gmail account. This is a great way to clear temporary space from the account after some emails have been forwarded.

You may not like this method as it can take up all of your time relaying the emails. To overcome this manual situation and save more time, you can go for the other solution that allows you to backup Gmail emails to another Gmail account in odd moments. So if you are really interested, you can go for the alternative solution.

Automated Solution for Backing up Gmail Emails to Another Gmail Account

You don’t like the manual way, no problem. Because there are always other ways to fix the problem more easily and this time 4n6 Email Converter will help you. This application is very flexible and allows you to backup Gmail emails to another Gmail account all at once. All you have to do is select the feed and then the entire message will be sent to another Gmail account.

Trust us, this application can win your heart because its process is so simple and you just need to do few clicks on some of the tabs in the whole process. Don’t you believe us? Don’t worry, you look for the process yourself and decide.

Process to backup Gmail Email to another Gmail account

  • Firstly, click on the given link to download the Gmail email backup tool


  • Now start to install the application by clicking next after accepting the agreement, and once the installation is finish launch the application
  • Click on the Open and then go to Email Accounts and now click on Add account
  • Enter Email Account Details such as Gmail address and password, and also provide the IMAP server name and then click on the Add button.
Note: IMAP server setting for Gmail is (
  • Now you can see in the left pane that all of the Gmail account data have been loaded. If you want to preview the emails you can click on them
  • Click on the Export tab and the select Email Services as Gmail
  • Now enter backup email address and password, means another Gmail account credentials, and now click on the Save

The process will start soon once you hit the Save button. After a few moments you will be informed of the completion of the process. It also gives you the tab that gives you direct access to the other Gmail account through the tool.

Now let’s give you a few more reasons to love this tool. This means that we want to let you know about some of the highlighted features of the tool that allow you to backup Gmail emails to another Gmail account more conveniently.

Features of the Gmail Email Backup tool

Backup bulk Gmail emails: This application acts as a time saver. You can backup as many email or folder from Gmail account at once. Don’t worry you will not face any error while loading huge amount of data.

Backup emails with attachments: Not only emails, but attachments are also very valuable. The tool allows you to backup emails with all attachments they contain. So you can backup all Gmail data without leaving anything behind.

Backup selected Gmail emails: Sometimes you just need to backup emails from specific addresses. So why backup not so important emails? With this tool you can search for specific email addresses or even backup emails for a particular date.

Compatibility: Gmail Email Backup Tool is compatible with all Windows platforms. No matter what version you are running on, old or newer. You don’t need to worry about this and run the application freely.

In Conclusion

Sometimes for some reasons, like if your account space is full, you will need to clear some space. So in such a case backing up the account is a good idea. So if you want to backup Gmail emails to another Gmail account, you can use any of the ways, manual or automatic, depending on your convenience.

But if you want to do this very quickly, you can use the suggested application to make your experience more pleasant.


By Nick Rogers

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