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How to Backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud in a Quick way?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

Let’s start the article by giving a credit to the person who helped us write this article. And that person is “you”. Your queries are something that gives us a boost to write about and this time we are eager to solve and want to help you backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud

A Backup Plan is Always Required in an Emergency

Sometimes users just send their data to another account just thinking of it as a backup plan, so in some, if they can’t access one account, they can definitely open the other account to access the same messages. (Because there is no terminator that can get access on the entire server and you could not access any). Trust us, at least one of the servers will work.

Or there may be a case where people just want to switch to the account, just like in the query here, the questioner wants to backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud. Here we can assume that he or she could now fully enter the iCloud server and want his or her email communication from that server (iCloud).

Hello reader, forgive us if we do not assume your situation in the backup, but trust us, we will definitely solve your query in a few moments and help you to overcome the situation. Promise

How Can You Backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud at Once? Get a Solution

It could be a problem because first the thing to note is that you can have a bunch of messages on your Yahoo! account and then exporting to a completely different server can be mind-eating.

One way could be message forwarding, but we will just forget this way because of the amount of data and also when you forward the message the recipient will change and then you will have a hard time knowing the original recipient.

Now the last way to deal with this situation is by using the alternative application. This may be the solution to this situation and it may allow you to backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud. So as we have promised to solve this situation and the only way left is to use the workaround, let us offer you the best app to make your task enjoyable.

Yahoo to iCloud Backup Tool – A Faster Way to Backup Account

The only way to backup all Yahoo account data at once to iCloud is possible with the help of 4n6 Email Converter. The application is very capable of backing up the account in a few moments and with just a few clicks. All you need to do is have the app on your Windows device and then start to backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud.

We do not compromise the security of your account data, which is why we recommend this application. You can backup your account without hesitation, your account will be safe and no data will be lost during the process. Let’s see what else you can do with this app.

  • You can use this application to backup bulk data to iCloud
  • You can even check your Yahoo email in the tool itself
  • Allows you to backup certain messages also
  • Comes with a straightforward interface
  • Allows data to be backed up in the IMAP-supported e-mail service
  • Compatible with all devices supported by Windows.

Another great quality of this tool is that it only takes a few steps in the entire process. You don’t have to waste hours doing just one task. Just a small process and it’s done. Take a look at the process to backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud and get familiar with the tool.

Process of Backing up Yahoo Account Mail to iCloud

  • First you need to download the application by clicking on the download link given below


  • Now you need to install the application and then finally launch the tool
  • Click on Open tab and then click Email Accounts and then select Add account
  • Enter Email Account Details of Yahoo Mail, such as email address, password. Also fill IMAP server

Note: IMAP server name for Yahoo Account is (

  • Once all the Yahoo folders are loaded on the tool click on Export tab and then select IMAP as email service
  • Now enter iCloud email address and password also enter IMAP server name ( and then lastly click on Save button

The process will then start quickly once you hit the Save button. When the process is complete, a notification will appear on the tool. Your task is now done, happy backup to you.

In Conclusion

Backing up an account is required in many situations, but securing them is not an easy task. It is not possible to back up entire data at once manually. So if you need to get done very quickly, you can go for the alternative solution. Yahoo to iCloud backup tool is more flexible and reliable. You can trust the application to backup Yahoo Mail to iCloud.


By Nick Rogers

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