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How to Extract Phone Number from VCF File?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Extract • 4 Min Read

Do you need to extract phone numbers from vCard files?

Still haven’t find the appropriate solution for this? Don’t worry, you are about to get one now. As the sole reason of writing this blog is to solve your problem. So, let’s get each phone number from the vCard files.

Benefits of sharing phone number in .vcf file

We don’t even want to tell you the importance of contact numbers entered on your phone or any other device. This is your most important possession as without it you cannot even speak to someone miles away from you. We can’t even imagine what will happen if we lose our important contacts.

Because of this, given this unsafe situation, we all save or share all of our phone numbers as vCard files. Because vCard files can contain many contacts at once. The problem, however, is that sharing as .vcf is easy, but extract phone number from VCF files can be a problem.

Some problems while sharing contacts as vCard

When you share contacts from your Android phone or tablet, you may face a size limitation. As if you have thousands of phone numbers, you can’t just create a single .vcf file. In this situation, you will need to create multiple files depending on the number of contacts you have. This leads to the capture of multiple vCard files. That is not easy to extract phone numbers from them at one time. This situation can create problems and overload you.

To solve this problem of gathered multiple .vcf files and to extract phone numbers from vCard files, we offer you the most helpful solution that can help you relieve your burden.

4n6 vCard Phone Number Extractor: Makes vCard files viewing easy

vCard Converter Tool is the most suitable way to get the job done with ease. With this VCF phone number extractor, you can extract phone numbers from vCard files at once without any problem. The app has been designed with user needs in mind and then covered with numerous benefits to making your experience more reliable.

  • vCard phone number extractor comes with a straightforward user interface
  • Allow to extract phone number from VCF files in bulk
  • Allow you to choose your own location to save contacts
  • The app runs on every old and new version of Windows
  • The tool Keeps the integrity while Processing the data

The app is designed in such a way that it can complete your job in just few steps without any interruption or hassle. So just go through the steps:

Easy steps to extract email address from vCard files

Tip: The app allows you to view unlimited vCard files without any limitation. And as the tool offers you to take a trial first, you can extract few email addresses. To use the tool at the fullest you need to purchase a license key once and then perform your task unlimited times.

  1. Download the VCF phone number extractor on that computer or tablet where your files are kept
  2. install the tool by agreeing on terms & condition and then run the app
    vCard phone number extractor
  3. Go to Open option and then select Email data Files and then click on vCard Files
    Email data Files
  4. Now select vCard folders / files from the device to be uploaded on the app
    extract phone number from vcf file
  5. Now click on the Extract tab and select Phone Numbers from the given options
    extract phone numbers from vcard
  6. Click on Browse button to select the desired location to save your resultant files on your device and then click on save
    vcf phone number extractor

Your phone numbers will now be saved to your selected location.

User’s common question while using the app

1: Is there any limitation while extracting phone numbers from the vCard file using the tool?

No, there is no limitation while extracting all you need to purchase a license key

2: Does the tool support all the version of vCard?

Yes, the tool can support all versions to extract phone numbers from vCard.

3: Can I extract contacts from specific vCard?

Yes, if you have many vCard files or folders and need to extract contacts from the selected one, it is possible.

In Conclusion

A vCard file can contain lots of contact at once, so sharing your phone numbers in VCF files can be beneficial. But, creation of vCard files is easy but then open them is tough. So, if you want to extract phone numbers from them at once you need to use a most appropriate application. So, for a smooth experience use our suggested app.


By Nick Rogers

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