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How to Extract Email Addresses from vCard Files?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Extract • 4 Min Read

Do you want to extract email addresses from vCard files? Don’t worry and continue read the article. The vCard (.vcf) files are the most popular file format for storing your email contacts in one place. People often choose this .vcf file extension while exporting email addresses or contacts from email clients. But the thing to note is that exporting addresses as .vcf is easy, but to extract email address from VCF files is not an easy task if you have thousands of contact in it.

Let’s analyse this problem with the help of the query and then we will solve this problem in the most appropriate way.

“Hi, I have so many vCard files that contain thousands of email contacts. Now I need to open these files to extract the email address from them. When I opt for the manual Windows function, there are so many limitations on the size of the import of files at once.

Please provide a way so that I can extract email addresses from vCard files at once without facing extraction limitation.”

It is very clear that if you go for the manual function, such as Windows Contacts, which is a built-in function of Windows version, you will probably face the limitation. And the other way to open such files you can opt for email clients like Outlook, but they are not free to open .vcf files nor do they provide convenience.

So, to give you an easy platform to extract email addresses from vCard files, we offer you the best application for this.

vCard Email Address Extractor: An expert solution

No matter how many vCard files you have, how many email addresses they contain, the only thing that matters is that the 4n6 vCard Converter can easily extract email address from VCF files in one place and without facing any extraction limitation. The application is very expert and fully automated and even if your .vcf files any other data and you only need to extract the email address, it is at your command.

One of the great benefits of using this app is the few steps that take you to the final destination. So, let’s quickly look at the process and get your job done.

Easy steps to extract email addresses from vCard files

  • Download the vCard email address extractor on your Windows supported computer (Laptop & Desktop)
  • Now install the app by opting for preferred language and then launch the app
    vCard email address extractor
  • Click on Open Tab and then go to Email data Files and then click on vCard Files
    Email data Files
  • Now choose vCard files / folders from the computer to be loaded on the tool
    vCard email address extractor
  • Thereafter, click Extract tab and select the Email Addresses option
    Extract Email Addresses from vCard Files
  • Now browse the location to save your resultant files on your desired destination and then click on Save
    vcf email address extractor

Well done, you have followed the process correctly, now your email address of the vCard files will be saved in the desired location.

As a user, we can understand that if you choose any alternative application to complete the task, it must have full of benefits that you can avail to make your trip more comfortable. By taking this into account, we recommend you to go through the advantages of choosing the app.

Advantages of VCF email address extractor

Extract bulk email addresses: The app doesn’t let you face any size limitation while extracting email addresses, you can extract more than thousands or any number of address from vCard files at once with only few taps.

Select the location: You don’t have to find the email address after extracting from vCard files, as you will select the location on your own before the extraction begins. Choosing your location will make it easier to find them as you know where you saved them.

Allow filtration: Even if you have other data in your .vcf files like phone number you can select to only extract email address from vCard files. This function allows you to select the required files containing in your vCard files.

Windows support: The vCard email address extractor can be install on any version of Windows. So, it does not matter which version you are currently using, old or new. The app is compatible with all.

In Conclusion

We hope now all professional and home users can extract email addresses from vCard files. Since every manual function doesn’t give you an easy way to get the job done. The VCF email address extractor is the most helpful tool and has so many benefits that you take advantage of.


By Nick Rogers

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