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How to Extract Attachments from OLM file?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Extract • 4 Min Read

“Hello, I just received so many Outlook files from my colleague. Since he uses the Mac computer, the files are in OLM (Outlook for Mac) format. I am currently using the Windows operating system. Yes, I am also an Outlook user, but file support of Outlook for both Windows and Mac is different. As a result, I cannot open these files on my Windows computer and I currently need to extract all attachment from OLM file and save it to a safe location. Since the files are in the hundreds, tell me how to extract attachments from them as quickly as possible.

Are you also facing same problem and urgently need to extract all attachments from OLM file? Here we go then,

Look at the possible solution to overcome the situation

As the query shows, the file format of Outlook for Windows and Mac is different, and you cannot open these files on each other because they are incompatible. If you want to open these files in Outlook for Windows to extract all attachments from them,

Either you need to convert the OLM files to PST, which is a format supported by Outlook for Windows, and then extract attachments from it using the Outlook manual feature. Yes, Outlook allows you to extract all the attachments at once by selecting the emails one by one; But you cannot convert the .olm files to .pst manually. In this case we can say that we are back to the place where we started.

To counter this situation we can use the other solution. This solution is so reliable that you can either convert .olm to .pst or then open it in Outlook to extract attachments from it, or simply extract all attachments from OLM files without conversion or open them in Outlook. Well, both methods are good. You can choose any of the methods according to your preference.

Would you like to know more about this solution? Well, we’d like to tell you about it too. So let’s keep an eye on the perfect solution for your query.

OLM Attachments Extractor: A user’s choice

Uncomplicated, simple, undesirably ad-free, spam-free, and virus-free – all this in one application. You can easily extract all attachments from OLM file with the 4n6 Email Converter at once and at your desired location.

  • Want OLM conversion to Windows supported Outlook?
  • Or just want to extract attachments without conversion?

This OLM Attachment Extractor is the perfect solution. This app only takes part of your time and a few taps of your finger and is done. Would you like to know how? Take a look at the following process:

4n6 Email Converter

Steps to extract all attachments from OLM file

Suggestion:   We suggest you download a free demo version of the test tool. With this demo version, you can extract some attachments from OLM files. When you are satisfied with the working and features, upgrade to the license key to extract all attachments from OLM file without any limits.

  • Download the OLM attachments extractor on Windows computer
  • Install and then Launch it
    Launch it
  • Click Open tab and select Email data Files then click Outlook for Mac Files
    Email data Files
  • Choose folders from system to load on the tool
    Choose folders
  • Now click Extract tab and select attachments
    extract attachments from olm files
  • Now select the folders to extract attachments from and browse the location
  • At last, click Save button.

This way you can extract all attachments from OLM file.

If you want the conversion too, you can switch to the export option instead of extract option and then export OLM files by selecting PST. This problem is also solved here.

 A section to get more of the tool

  • The app allows extracting attachments from OLM file in bulk.
  • It allows saving the extracted attachments at selected location
  • Keeps the integrity of data throughout the extraction process
  • The OLM attachments extractor is completely independent

In Conclusion

As it is not possible to extract all attachments from OLM files manually, so the alternative solution that is OLM attachments extractor is perfect to accomplish this task. It allows you to extract attachments all at once with so much of ease at your selected location. So we highly recommend you to use the application of a quick solution.


By Nick Rogers

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