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How to Extract Email Addresses from DBX Files?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Extract • 4 Min Read

Hi, do you need to extract email addresses from DBX files? Is it hard for you to extract the email ids?

What if..? We tell you that, it is easy to open DBX files to further proceed to extract the email ids from DBX files.

You just Imagine extracting email addresses from .dbx files in one easily accessible place, and we’ll make your imagination come true. We promise.

The struggle is real when you don’t have a compatible application that can open these files. And the supported application is almost obsolete. And even if you had supported the app, extracting only email addresses was still impossible from them.

What will you do in such a situation when you desperately need all your important email addresses from DBX files, and can’t find a solution to get this job done?

Will you leave them behind? Well we suggest you don’t

Therefore, let us end your struggle here, by providing you an appropriate and suitable solution. That can turn your previous imagination into reality. So it’s time to deliver on the promise by…

Introducing the DBX Email Address Extractor Tool.

The tool that is the solution to all your DBX file related problem is called 4n6 Email Converter. This application is the most reliable and absolutely fastest to accomplish your task. It is an expert to carry out your work in the best possible way.

To extract email ids from .dbx files, this app consists of just a few steps that you need to follow. To make your experience with the tool more amazing, we offer you the steps so that you will not face any problems while doing the task in the tool.

4n6 Email Converter

The process to extract email addresses from DBX files

Tip: We highly recommend that you give this tool a try. This application comes with a demo offer that allows you to experience its quality of work. You can even extract some addresses from dbx without buying it. And if you just want to view our DBX files, you can view them for free.

  • Download the DBX email address extractor tool from the above link
  • Now install the application by agreeing on casual terms and condition
  • Click on the Open tab, after running the application
    Open tab
  • Go to Email Data Files and select DBX files from the given options
    Email Data Files
  • Select the folders/files from your computer to be loaded on the tool
    extract email addresses from DBX files
  • Now go to the Extract tab and click on the Email addresses
    Extract tab
  • Click on the checkbox against folder you want to extract addresses from
Note: you can also select the option such as extract email addresses from attachments, skip greyed out folders and also select the various fields to extract addresses from.
  • Click on the browse button to save email address on your desired location
  • Now click on the Save button

The process will begin and in a few moments, the resulting files will be saved in the desired location. Lastly, click on the completion pop-up window that will appear after the process is completely finished.

Read more about the DBX email addresses extractor tool

Extract email IDs from DBX in bulk: This application is so much capable of extracting email address from DBX files all at once. While using this tool you will now face any file size limitation. You can select as many files from your PC to extract addresses from.

Extract Address from Attachments: If your DBX files have so many attachments containing a list of email addresses that you don’t need to extract them separately; this app allows you to tap the “Extract email addresses from DBX file attachments” option before proceeding last step.

Allow you to select fields: Sometimes you are required email address from particular fields. So why to go for all the email addresses when you can choose selected ones. This application gives you an option whereby you can select fields to extract email addresses from such as FROM, TO, CC, Message Header, Message body, subject, etc.

Standalone application: This application does not require any other application configuration while extracting addresses from DBX files. It is fully independent in performing the task. it is also compatible with all the versions of Windows.

In Conclusion

It is not possible to extract email addresses from DBX files until you use a suitable workaround. The DBX Email Address Extraction Tool is the best application to overcome this situation as this tool can easily accomplish this task in just a few steps. So we highly recommend you to use this application for an amazing experience.


By Nick Rogers

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