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How to Extract Emails from PST without Outlook Installation ?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Extract • 4 Min Read

Hey, do you have many PST files? Looking for a way to extract emails from PST file without Outlook? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here, we will offer you everything about PST files with the most suitable solution to extract emails from them.

Today is the stage where each technology is getting shorter. As well as email files such as PST. People want a single file that can contain the entire message instead of having each message separately. Single file access is more flexible when you need your important files. You can store all your data in a single file; nothing can be more flexible than this.

Value of a file extension such as PST in today’s scenario

Think of a situation where you want to leave an account for a certain reason, but the emails it contains are very important and do not allow you to do so. In this situation, files like PST help. As you can save your entire mailbox to PST file. This file extension gives you ease and lets you if you want to change your account or need a backup.

The other situation may be human error. If you mistakenly delete your important email from the PST-compatible email client. What would you do in such a situation? If you had saved your files in PST format, you could easily have your emails backed up.

The solution to extract emails from the PST file

There are two methods to open your emails from PST file. First method if you have any email client that supports opening your PST files. And the other method is when you don’t have a compatible application and you need an alternative solution to extract emails from PST file. If you only want to open your emails from PST files you can use Outlook to import these PST files and then view your emails.

But, here the concern is about extracting emails from PST without Outlook

Extract emails from PST file without Outlook

Yes, you can easily extract your emails from PST without having an account on Outlook. All you need is a substitute offering. With that application, you can easily extract your emails. So let’s have a look on that alternative solution.

4n6 Email Converter: An expert solution

If you are looking for an alternative solution that can extract your PST files without Outlook configuration. Here it is. You can use this 4n6 Email Converter tool. This app is the best and easy to use, and it has so many features and benefits to make your task even easier.

The working process of this application is so easy and short. Only a few steps you need to follow to completely extract your emails from the PST files. Take a look at the process to know how this application works.

Know how PST files extractor tool works

  • Download the software on your computer or tablet
  • After running the application
  • Go to open tab and select email data files.
    email data files
  • Select the Outlook OST / PST files
  • Choose folders from the computer
    Choose folders
  • Now go to export tab and select file format to save your PST files

Note: you can select file format such as PDF, TEXT, and EML etc.

  • Now browse the location to save the file
  • Select the files or folders to extract emails from
  • Now click on the Save button

After the process is complete, click OK on the pop-up window that shows the status on completion of the task.

Your PST file is now converted to the file format which you can easily open on your windows. You can use this software to open these PST files. So, if you want to check what your PST file contains you can have a preview of the emails.


PST files are very useful when you need all your emails to be compressed into one file. These files are very easy to transport, but at the same time, if you don’t have any compatible applications, you can’t open them. 4n6 Email Converter is an all-in-one solution to extract emails from PST file, and you can also open and view these files with the help of this tool.


By Nick Rogers

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