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How to Extract Emails from MBOX File?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Extract • 5 Min Read

Do you want to extract emails from MBOX file into readable file extensions? If yes then continue read this dedicated article. Users are now moving towards the MBOX file format because of the flexibility of this extension. You can include even a full mailbox into a single file. But the issue here is you cannot simply open your MBOX files. You are required with a supported application to open these, or you need an email client which can open your MBOX file.

But many of the users only want to extract emails from MBOX file to check whether they contain some important information or not? They are not in need of attachments or something else containing in the MBOX mailbox files except for the emails.

So, let’s just start with this problem. But, first, let’s have some knowledge about MBOX files. It is for both those who are familiar with the term and for those who have very little knowledge about MBOX. So, let’s begin because it is always good to learn more.

What is MBOX?

MBOX is a file extension or file format which holds a collection of messages in a single file. MBOX is also known as the Mailbox as it can contain all the emails of a folder. It stores emails in a plain text format with a series of messages.

MBOX Mailbox file structure

Full mailbox messages are stored as a long text file in a chain of concatenated email messages. The beginning of each message is indicated by “From” followed by a blank character and the end of all messages is indicated by a blank line. These are four variants in the family of the MBOX files.

Supported application of MBOX files

MBOX file is developed by Mozilla. It is supported by many email clients such as the Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla SeaMonkey, Opera Mail, and many more. If you have these email clients you can open your MBOX file. But the issue here is how to extract emails from MBOX.

As we’re done with what MBOX is, let’s go back to the topic of extracting emails from the MBOX file.

How to extract emails from MBOX files?

Although the MBOX file is used to store and manage emails, MBOX stores the entire folder in one file; therefore, the size of the MBOX file can be large. And all you need an alternative solution to extract the emails. So, if you are still searching for an option. We offer you the most reliable alternate technique.

Introducing MBOX File Extractor – fast and reliable

4n6 Email Converter is the most helpful software. The tool helps you to extract unlimited emails from MBOX files without any limitation. It allows you to extract MBOX emails from all the supported applications. Using this tool, you can easily accomplish this task in some clicks.

Before going to the steps, let’s take a look at some of the features of the software.

  • Easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective.
  • Supports to extract emails from MBOX file.
  • Save your files to the desired location.
  • Safe and secure MBOX file extractor.
  • Extract multiple MBOX files at once.
  • Check the preview of MBOX before extraction.

This software can extract your MBOX file with a very easy process. It contains only a few steps, which you need to follow, and your work is done. So take a look below:

Steps to extract emails from MBOX files

  • Download the software from the link below
  • Launch the software on the system
  • Now go to the open tab
  • Click on the email data files to select MBOX files
    email data files
  • Choose files or folders from the computer
  • Once the MBOX folders are loaded on the application
    folders are loaded
  • Go to the export tab and select PDF from the given formats
    select PDF

Note: You can choose any file format according to your convenience

  • Now browse the location to save your files to your desired destination
  • Now select the files or folders to extract the emails from
    select the files
  • At last click on the Save button

The process will start to extract your emails; you can see the status on the application screen. Once the process is completed click on finish. Now you can open your MBOX files which are now converted to PDF. You can also use this tool to open your MBOX files and any other formats also. Therefore, before extracting if you want to check, whether it contains some important emails or not this application is helpful.


MBOX is very flexible file format that can contain your series of emails in a single file. But these files cannot be open without the help of the supported application or the alternative solution. 4n6mail Converter is very helpful in this task. It can extract all the emails in less than a minute.


By Nick Rogers

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