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How to Extract Attachments from Thunderbird?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 17, 2022 • Extract Attachments • 6 Min Read

As a user of a Thunderbird account, you may know that it is not possible to extract attachments from Thunderbird from its email folders all at once. The only thing you can do is go to each folder, open each email containing attachments, and then download them.

Now you can understand how long the whole process can take, which can also affect your limited time and will require more effort.

“Hello, I am using Mozilla Thunderbird as my official email account. I receive many attachments from my organization. These attachments are very valuable for me and cannot afford to lose them. So I need to extract all attachments from Thunderbird to some safe location. Thunderbird doesn’t allow to extract all the attachments all together. I need to save them one by one by opening each email. Which is a very lengthy and hectic process? Please suggest me “How do I extract attachments from Thunderbird profile without any hassle?”

Recently, we have discovered many queries where users need to know how to extract attachments from Thunderbird email folders. So we have extracted many situations from the queries that require the extraction of attachments.
  • In case you switch from a Thunderbird account and want all the attachments from your folders very fast.
  • If in case you change your job and now want all your attachments for the future (but first ask your organization if you can have them)
  • In case you only have the Thunderbird MBOX file and need to extract attachments from them.
  • In case you just want to have a backup of all your important attachments containing in your Thunderbird account email folders.

These are some of the situations that cause users to extract all attachments from Thunderbird email folders. You may have some other situation, but your query will remain the same, how to extract attachments from Thunderbird folders?

After reading this blog, you will no longer need to ask this question, because you are about to get a suitable solution for this.

Since Thunderbird doesn’t give you that option to get the job done, you need to use an alternative application that can ease all your requirements and can get your job done. So get with the alternative solution.

Thunderbird Attachment Extractor Tool

This tool can solve the problem of extracting attachments. Now you no longer need to save your attachments by opening each email folder, as 4n6 Email Converter can do it with just a few clicks. All you need to do is select the folder even without opening it to extract the attachments. See how simple it is. Don’t believe us? Watch the process below to extract attachments from Thunderbird email folders.

4n6 Email Converter

Steps to extract attachments from Thunderbird

Tip: Get to know this tool first. This Thunderbird Attachments Extractor Tool comes with a demo edition that allows you to export only 10 attachments. This trial version allows you to go through its work process and the facilities it provides. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use the demo before proceeding.

Follow the process

  • Download Thunderbird attachment extractor on your computer or tablet where your Thunderbird account is configured
  • Start installing the application once the application is successfully downloaded.
  • Prepare to run the application and let’s start the process
  • First, click on the Open tab now select Desktop Email Clients
    Desktop Email Clients
  • Select Thunderbird Account and begin to choose folders from the specific location to be loaded on the tool
  • Now go to the Extract tab and then click on the Attachments option
    Extract Attachments from Thunderbird
  • Now click on the checkbox against Thunderbird Folders to select them
  • Click on the browse button to select the desired location to save your attachments at one place
    browse button
  • Lastly, click on the save button visible above on the left panel of the tool.

The process will start saving your attachments to the selected location. This tool also gives you a tab to open the location directly after to process is complete.

Get to know the tool in depth

Easy to use: This application comes with a friendly user interface that makes each user feel comfortable while doing the task. No unnecessary information is added to the tool to complicate your task. Simplicity is the uniqueness of the tool. It is the interface of the tool that makes the whole experience smoother and easier. When applications are complex, users face challenges in every way. To keep your journey uncomplicated; this application provides you with the simplest user interface. So don’t be afraid if you are not from a technical background. This tool is for everyone.

Extract attachments in bulk: Unlike the manual process, you don’t have to undergo the extraction of attachments one by one when opening each email folder. With this application, you can extract all the attachments at once. It has no file size limitation that can become an obstacle in its processing. Feel free to select tons of data.

Select required location: Do you want the entire resulting file in one place? Your requirement is our praise. This application has a built-in feature by which you can browse the location to extract attachments from Thunderbird email folders at one place. This feature allows you to easily access your files as you already know the location.

Preview before extraction: If you want to check the preview of the attachments before extracting them, it is possible with this tool. Also, the tool allows you to save only specific attachments.

Search feature: When you start running the tool, you will see that there are many options. This application is a surprise package. If you dig deeper, you’ll find many other features as well. You can use this search function to search for attachments for a specific time period. You need to enter the date on which you want to extract the attachments. The tool then filters attachments for that particular time period.

We have described the most useful features you can use while extracting the attachments. This application is also useful in many other areas, such as when you want to open files in different file formats or when you want to send these files to different email services. You can do this using this tool.

In Conclusion

This application contains a complete solution on how to extract attachments from Thunderbird email folders. Since it was not possible to extract all of them at once manually, we have provided a 4n6 Email Converter workaround that can make your task possible and allow you to save your attachments altogether with just a few clicks.


By Nick Rogers

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