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How to Export PST from Outlook Web App?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Export • 4 Min Read

There are many users who wonder how to export PST from Outlook web application. It is not easy to export files to another file format because the email service does not allow it. If the manual function can’t perform the task then how to do it, we know you already know the answer, an alternative solution.

First, let’s understand that the Outlook Web Application is a cloud-based email client that stores all of your account information on the cloud server that you cannot easily open without a proper internet connection. On the other hand, PST is the standard file format of Outlook, a desktop-based email client that stores your data on the device on which your Outlook account is configured.

Reasons and Problems while exporting PST from Outlook Web App

The main purpose of exporting the Outlook web application data is to back up your important emails. If you can’t access your email in cloud computing, you can just open it on your desktop. Now the problem is that using the manual method you have to save these emails one by one if you want to make a backup. However, if you are looking for a quick fix to it, you need to transfer your vision to some other method or software that can complete this task as easy as it could never be.

Alternative Method to Export PST from Outlook Web App

If you are looking for a quick solution to export PST from OWA, 4n6 Email Backup Tool is a perfect application. The application is very easy to use and very efficient in performing the task. OWA to PST Exporter gives you an easy way by following how you get the job done. The application is fully automated and virus-free, which only takes less time to fully complete the task. The software is a complete package and comes with many benefits that will smooth your way.

Download email backup

  • Allow exporting multiple PST files from OWA at once with few clicks
  • Allow you to choose any location to save the output data files
  • The tool maintains email properties while exporting into PST format
  • Support to open PST files in Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.
  • The tool supports every latest and earlier Windows operating system
  • This application provides 100% safe, reliable, and accurate result.
  • There is no file size limitation to export PST from Outlook web app

These are some highlighted and useful features that will make your experience of doing the task more enjoyable. Now check out how to export them using the tool.

Easy steps to Export PST from OWA

Suggestion: This mentioned utility comes with free trial version. With the help of this demo version, you can go through the working process of software for testing and then will be able to know its efficiency. And if you want to use the tool to the fullest purchase a license key once and use it for many times. So we highly recommend you to take a try first and they go further.

  • Download the OWA to PST exporter on your Windows OS platform.
    OWA to PST exporter
  • Launch this superlative software to start the export process accordingly.
    run the application
  • After that, choose Open << Add Account option from the drop-down menu
    Add account
  • Now enter email id & password along with IMAP server name
    email address and password

Note: IMAP server name for is (

  • Once you add the account, your data will start uploading on the software window.
    start loading
  • Now hit on Export tab and select PST from the available standard formats.
    select PST
  • Click against email folders that you want to convert into *.pst extension.
  • Press the Browse button and pick a destination path to store output data in PST.
    Browse button
  • At last, click on Save option from software GUI to begin the exporting

Congratulation! Your files will be exported in PST. The complete export will take just a few moments, and then you will be notified of the successful completion of the process. It will also offer you a tab by which you can directly open the location where your PST files have been saved.

In conclusion

The article contains the most important information about how to export PST from Outlook web application. This task can’t be completed manually, we recommend that you use an alternative solution which is Outlook web to PST exporter. This is the best possible way to do the job more easily and reliably.

If you face any difficulties using the application, you can ask us for technical and non-technical assistance at any time. Thank you.


By Nick Rogers

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