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How to Convert vCard file to PDF document?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Convert • 4 Min Read

Note: This article is all about how to convert vCard file to PDF format.

VCF files are best for storing phone numbers, address information, URLs, etc. It is very easy to manage the large data in a one file. The other advantage of vCard file is that you can get what you lost. See

As if you are trying to find an important number or an address that you have lost. You can open the vCard files and view lost contact, and save them in your phone book again. But somehow people want to convert vCard file to PDF

Scenario that cause people to Convert vCard file to PDF

vCard files are not friendly to open and read as these files can only be opened by the appropriate application. So, if you want to open them in an easy-to-open format, convert vCard file to PDF is a good decision.

PDF is one of the most flexible file formats currently available. And can be opened with any standard application on your device, and there are plenty of free applications for opening PDF files too.

So the problem is not how to open PDF as the answer that you already know. The real problem you may face is that how to convert vCard file to PDF. So let us offer you suitable solution to overcome this situation.

Solution to Convert VCF files to PDF document

Whenever you try to find a manual solution to this task, stop looking for it. Since there is no way or option to simply convert these files. The only option left now is to find the most suitable alternative application for the conversion purpose.

And we want to reduce your search effort as we offer you the most suitable application for converting vCard files to PDF.

An Expert Choice to Convert vCard Contacts to PDF file

4n6 vCard Converter to convert VCF file to PDF is perfect and very useful. This app is so reliable that it is solving user’s data conversion and export / import related problem for many years.

This tool comes with a lots of benefits and allows you to convert a vCard file to PDF regardless of how much VCFs you have and what version, as this tool can convert everything without any problem. The tool is a complete surprise package and brings you many benefits.

  • The vCard converter app allows you to convert bulk vCard files
  • The app supports to open many version of vCard files like 3.0, 2.1 4.0 etc.
  • Allows you to choose desire location to save the VCF converted PDF files
  • Maintains the integrity of the vCard contacts while exporting
  • The application is supported by all version of Windows
  • Easy to use and 100% protected from any kind of viruses

These are some of the features that will make your task experience more convenient. And aside from these features, the uniqueness is that the tool allows you to go through a few steps to fully complete the job. So take a look at the conversion process.

Step-by-step process to convert vCard file to PDF

  • First, download the vCard converter app on your personal computer and then install the app by accepting some casual terms.

  • Now launch the application to start the process
  • Click Open on the menu bar

  • Select the option as Choose Folders… or Choose Files… to load and open vCard files.


  • Select vCard files / folders from the computer

  • Now you will see all the vCard files have loaded on the tool. You can take a preview of all vCard Contacts by clicking on respective Contact.


  • Click Export tab and select PDF as document files


  • Now Browse the location to save the converted vcf files on your desired folder
  • And lastly, click the Save button


Your vCard files will now be converted to PDF document. Now you can view your important contacts and other data whenever you want, by opening the PDF files with any default application on your device.

In Conclusion

VCF files are great for storing multiple contacts, addresses, etc. but, they are not that easy to open without a compatible application. Therefore, converting them to PDF can be a good decision because this file format is easily accessible. Therefore, a suitable application that can convert vCard file to PDF is the suggested vCard converter. The app will help you at all times and will make this task more pleasant.


By Nick Rogers

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