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How to Backup MDaemon Webmail in Easy Steps?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

There are many users who do their email communications through the service, such as: MDaemon Webmail. However, using such a Webmail account makes them think of risks like; What if for some reason they cannot access the account and such an uncertain situation gives them a thought to backup MDaemon Webmail to a local drive and, if necessary, to another email service.

Only a backup plan can save you from;

  • The future uncertainty of not being able to access the account due to the proper internet connection,
  • How to deal with the storage capacity of the account
  • And the most important problem is the cyber attach problem: just think about opening the account and everything is empty (although the situation is terrible)

But all of these situations can be handled with a smart way that is; backup MDaemon Webmail.

So come straight to the ultimate solution for backing up your MDaemon emails. We are happy to recommend all possible solutions, so take a look.

Manual Solution to Backup Emails from MDaemon Webmail Account

Most users want to prefer a manual solution initially, regardless of the limitations they are facing and how much time they are consuming. So let’s discuss this first

Attention: Manually, you can only synchronize your MDaemon Webmail account with Outlook in order to retrieve all e-mails on a local drive. Or can download the single email in the EML format.

Yes, manually this is the only way to backup MDaemon Webmail on a computer and there is no other way.

But here you are going to face some limitations that you need to be aware of

Suggestion: If you don’t sync the MDaemon with Outlook and want to save the email in another easily accessible file format or account, you can jump straight to the automated solution described below.

Limitation with Manual Method

  • You must have configured with the Outlook account
  • You need to purchase an ActiveSync licenseN
  • Need an SSL certificate to work with outlook
  • You will only get the PST format as the account supports such a format
  • You cannot open MDaemon emails in PST without Outlook

Now look at the process to sync MDaemon with Outlook

  1. Open Outlook account
  2. Now go to control panel and select Mail and then select Add
  3. Now give the profile a name.
  4. Select additional or manual server type settings
  5. Select next then select ActiveSync compatible service and click next
  6. Now enter your user, server and login information
  7. Now select the next click finish and then click OK

Your MDaemon is now sync with the Outlook.

However, if this way is more difficult for you and you do not want to operate on such a desktop account, you should opt for the automatic way because it will be the most convenient way to have a backup.

Automatic Solution to Backup MDaemon Webmail

Just don’t go into the difficult processes and account configuration and just backup MDaemon Webmail account emails in the file format that doesn’t require any fixed application.

Just one standard application of your device and you can quickly view your email. And not just locally on your drive, you can choose another account to backup your emails with the all in one 4n6 EmailBakup tool.

Since we keep mentioning different file formats, you need to know what those file formats are.

Email Data File: EML, PST and MBOX. However, if you don’t want to configure a desktop-based account, here’s what you need go for;

Document Files: PDF, HTML, text and also CSV All of these formats are easily accessible. But if you want an option where you can access the files from whatever device you have to choose;

Another Account: Here you can select any IMAP-supported account for access from any device.

Now the most important part of this blog is the process that will lead you to backup MDaemon Webmail account using the application. So, if you need to go through hassle-free steps while running the tool, you should take a look at the guide that we have compiled here.

Process to Backup MDaemon Webmail Account Emails

  • First, put a tool on your device by clicking the download link below

Download- email-backup

  • Now after the full setup is complete, install the tool in your chosen location and launch the application to begin the process


  • Click on Open in the menu bar and then on Add Account


  • Now enter the MDaemon Webmail email address and password and also enter your MDaemon IMAP server name


Attention Please – If you are facing any error while adding the account in the tool, then make sure IMAP and other policy should be enabled less secure. If the software still shows any error like; Failed to add account. Provide IMAP server Information”. Click here.
  • You can view all the MDaemon mailboxes that have started uploading in the left pane of the tool. If you want, you can open it to check the emails


  • Now click on the Export tab and choose the Document or Email File format as per your preference. Here we take an example for PDF as it is easily accessible


  • Browse the location to the selected destination to save the MDaemon emails and then click the Save


NOTE: If you select the email service to backup MDaemon Webmail, you will need to enter the email address and password for the backup and then click the Save button.

Congratulations, you have completed the task on how to backup MDaemon Webmail.

In Conclusion

If you want a hassle-free experience to backup MDaemon Webmail, you should go for MDaemon Backup Tool, as this application offers you only few steps, and various file formats as storage option.




By Nick Rogers

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