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How to Backup Mailbird Emails

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

Struggling to access Mailbird emails when you are not near your device that Mailbird is configured on? Such a situation makes you wonder if you had these messages in the account that you can open using any web browser it would be more convenient. Well, it’s time to turn thought into reality with the absolutely amazing way to backup Mailbird emails on various platforms.

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A Big Reason Users Need to Backup Mailbird Emails

It’s not just about desktop account configuration and accessibility. However, there are many reasons why users should create a backup right away, such as:

Aside from being an award-winning email client, Mailbird has a few drawbacks

Setting up a Mailbird email client is usually more expensive

There are some restrictions on restricting the devices that you can use to access the email

This is only one reason and the other is that when all the data is on your desktop, there is always a concern. Because the electronic devices will ever crash due to the spread of, you can lose the data viruses.

When we surf the Internet a lot, we inadvertently download a file with the virus and cause the device to fail. A device can be repaired again. However, if we lose the data, it will not be returned. And such concerns lead people to backup Mailbird emails.

These are just a few of the many reasons to worry about, but the real problem is finding the most appropriate solution to accomplish this task. By keeping the entire facility to you, we aim to provide you with a perfect solution for it. So take a look.

A Perfect Solution for Backing up Email from Mailbird Account

4n6 Email Converter is the absolutely perfect solution to the problem discussed. It can help you back up Mailbird emails to another account. In addition to your convenience, this Mailbird backup tool gives you so many other storage options that you can use to save emails. Let us briefly show you all the options for saving files so that you can quickly get an overview.

Backup Mailbird Emails in,

Any email client supported by IMAP for easy access to email from anywhere in the world

All document files such as PDF, Text, HTML, and CSV for viewing without an internet connection and for opening with any standard application.

If you are configured with a different desktop-based email client, you can choose files such as PST or MBOX. We don’t know if you need this file format. But we have to tell you in case you need it in the future for any reason.

All of these options give you the ability to backup Mailbird emails for any kind of need, whether you need them online or offline. Now you need to know how to get this file saving option. You can do this by looking at the guide we’ve put for you here. If you need, you can get help with this demo process while using the Mailbird email backup app.

A Complete Process for Backing up Mailbird Emails

  • First, download the Mailbird backup tool on your device on which the Mailbird account is configured


  • Once the application is completely downloaded, install and run it
  • Now click on the Open tab and then click on Desktop Email Clients and select Mailbird Accounts
  • Once you have selected the preferred account, all account details will be loaded into the Mailbird backup tool. If necessary, you can preview the Mailbird emails
  • Now click on the Export tab and select the Email Service if you need email in cloud computing
Suggestion: If you need backup Mailbird emails for offline access, you can choose the email or document files. Then click Browse to select the location for the resulting Mailbird email and click Save.
  • Now enter the backup email address and password and then click the Save

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Some common questions asked by users

Can I use this Mailbird backup tool to back up unlimited data?

Yes, there is no limitation while backing up large amounts of data. Only a demo version limits you to backup 10 emails from each folder. However, if you upgrade to a license version, there is no restriction.

Can I use this tool to backup emails from a Multiple Mailbird account?

Yes, once you buy a key, you can always use the tool to backup the emails from any number of Mailbird accounts.

Is this tool compatible with older versions of Windows?

Yes, this tool is supported with any older or latest version of Windows.

In Conclusion

Backing up Mailbird can be so difficult for you until you have found the appropriate solution for the task. The Mailbird backup tool is specially designed to solve the data migration problem. It allows users to easily backup Mailbird emails across multiple platforms depending on user needs.


By Nick Rogers

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