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How to Backup iCloud Email in a Quick Way?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 5 Min Read

Hi, I’m going to switch from Mac to Windows for a reason. The only problem I am facing, and restricting myself from doing so, is the emails that I contain in iCloud. I cannot access ICloud from Windows as it only supports IOS devices. So please tell me a way to backup iCloud email so that I can access them from Windows.
Hello, my iCloud storage is almost full and cannot receive new emails. I’m thinking about deleting some of the emails, but before i delete them I need to back them up first. So If I need them in the future, I can go through them quickly. So can anyone provide me a way how to backup iCloud email on any other platform?

Not only these inquiries, but there are also many users continually posting certain issues. That can be solved by backing up iCloud emails.

Because only backing up of emails can make your decision strong. Like; if you secure iCloud emails on another device or any platform, they can easily be accessed even without using a Mac computer.

So now it has become necessary to resolve the query of these users by providing the most appropriate solution, specially designed to solve these problems. So let us offer you one of the best apps that in few minutes can solve your problem.

An Appropriate solution to backup iCloud email

In the absence of a manual solution that solves this problem, 4n6 EmailBakup is the tool that made the task possible. It is more reliable and you can easily backup iCloud emails on any platform without having any problem.

As the queries suggest the different types of storage needs and options for iCloud emails. The application is able to meet all these requirements through its best processes and its offer of savings options.

Do you want to take a look at the savings option that the application offers? We also recommend that you check the storage option for an overview of this app.

Backup iCloud email in;

  • Any IMAP supported email account
  • EML, PST, MBOX Email Files
  • PDF, Text, HTML, CSV files

These are the platform for different kinds of needs, whether you want to backup emails to a substitute, you can access from anywhere. Or you can choose the storage option that you can use to open offline without any hindrance.

Now is the time to let you know how you can select the save option in the tool. So we are putting a step-by-step process to make more relatable with the tool.

Process to Backup Emails from iCloud 

  • You must first get the iCloud Backup Tool on the Windows device by clicking the Download link

Download Email Backup

  • Now install the backup tool by accepting the agreement and once the setup is completely finished, please run it


  • Now you need to click on the Open tab and then click on Add Account


  • Enter iCloud email address and password, also provide iCloud IMAP server name


Note: the name of the IMAP server for iCloud is (
  • Once the iCloud account is successfully added, the tool starts to upload the account folder on the left panel, if for any reason you need to check the emails; you can click to open them.


  • Now click on Export tab and then select preferred platform to backup iCloud email. Here we take an example of EML format to understand the process


  • Now click the Browse button to select the location of your choice to save the resulting iCloud emails and finally click the Save


Note: If you need to backup iCloud email to any other email account, you need to select the Email Service, and after selecting it, you need to enter the backup email address and password and then do click the Save button. Here we take an example of Gmail.


Do you find this application the best for backing up iCloud emails? What’s so hurry, we’re not done yet. If you are still confused about this application, let’s tell you a little more about it to reinforce your decision to use this app to get the job done.

Read more about the tool

  • The application can backup the iCloud email in bulk.
  • It can backup iCloud emails with the attachments associated with them
  • You can even view iCloud emails in the tool itself.
  • The tool can backup emails from a specific address and time period
  • You can save the emails to your preferred location on the device
  • The iCloud backup tool maintains data integrity while processing
  • It is compatible with all versions of Windows

In Conclusion

If you are really needed to back up iCloud email, then you can go for the iCloud backup tool. As there is still no function available to migrate the data directly from the iCloud. To do this, you need to use an alternate application. And the iCloud email backup tool turns out to be the best as it gives you so many storage options.


By Nick Rogers

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