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How to Backup GoDaddy Email Accounts?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Backup • 4 Min Read

A branded email address for your domain, rather than a free email service, can help make your business website look more professional to visitors. And this is the main reason why you choose GoDaddy account instead of free service because it’s all about impression.

Backing up the email account has become necessary as it works as a contingency plan. So you can access your same email from the required location and the same as for GoDaddy backup email accounts. Because no matter what email service you use, emails are very valuable to you and you cannot afford to lose them.

So let’s solve this situation with the consultation of some user and you will get the possible solution to solve the problem.

Common user’s query

  1. Is there a way to backup GoDaddy email accounts manually?
  2. How can I save GoDaddy account emails into document files?

Let’s solve this problem by referring to these two queries

The one possible way you can backup GoDaddy email accounts is to sync your account with the other accounts, like Gmail, Outlook, and Thunderbird. This way you can save your emails. But we are not sure if it works as a backup.

And the other situation here is if you have so many email addresses associated with GoDaddy, how many accounts will you sync? This will result in a long process and will also mess up emails with one and the other.

So if you don’t want to sync GoDaddy emails with another account and want another way that you can backup GoDaddy email accounts, please follow our suggested way. The suggested form will also be a solution to the second query discussed above.

To avoid liking the account, you can use the alternative application that allows you to backup GoDaddy email accounts.

Benefits of using the alternate way compared to the manual way

  • You can export GoDaddy emails to any file format
  • Using the alternative way, you can export mass emails and also specific emails. (Sometimes you just need a backup of specific mailboxes or emails, but GoDaddy doesn’t give you this feature like syncing account cloned all account data.)

And we assume that these are sufficient reasons to choose the other way. So if you have generated interest in an alternative way, let us introduce you to it as the solution for quickly backup GoDaddy email accounts.

4n6 GoDaddy email backup tool

4n6 Email Backup Tool is capable of exporting all emails from GoDaddy account to desired document files without any restrictions. With the help of this GoDaddy email exporter you can export mass and also specific emails in your selected location. The application is fully automated and allows you to control the process. Whether you want to back up your GoDaddy email account to files locally or to another account set up with IMAP, it’s all at your fingertips.

Now for your convenience we are putting here the working process by which you can create a backup. So take a look below.

Download email backup

Steps to Backup GoDaddy Email Accounts

  • Download the GoDaddy email backup software on your computer
  • Install the tool by selecting preferred language and then launch it
    GoDaddy email backup tool
  • Click Open and select Email Accounts and then on click Add account
    Add account
  • Add your GoDaddy webmail account address and password and also fill IMAP name
    address and password

Note: IMAP setting for GoDaddy account is (

Attention, please – If you are failed to add account in software then, make sure IMAP and less secure settings should be enabled. Is software showing an error message “Failed to add account. Please provide IMAP server information”? Click Here.

  • Click Export tab once all the mailboxes appeared on the left pane of the software
    Export tab
  • Now select your required Email Files or Documents Files if you want to save GoDaddy email locally
    Backup GoDaddy Email
  • Now click on the checkbox to select the folder you want to have backup of
    backup GoDaddy email accounts
  • Click browse the select the required location on your computer and then click on save to begin the exporting

Congratulation! Your GoDaddy email accounts will now be backed up to your selected location and file format.

Note: Go to Email Services on the Export tab if you want to backup GoDaddy email accounts to a cloud-based account for easy access from any device.

In Conclusion

Securing the emails is very necessary because future is uncertain. You never know that something happens and you cannot access the emails. So to avoid this situation and to backup GoDaddy email accounts our suggested app is perfect as it offers you so many benefits and saving options. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the GoDaddy Email Exporter for quick and bulk backup of emails.


By Nick Rogers

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