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How to Repair Corrupt Outlook Express DBX file?

Nick Rogers
Published: Mar 21, 2022 • Repair • 5 Min Read

Summary: This article contains valuable information that lets you know;

  • How to repair corrupt dbx file of Outlook Express email client?
  • How to open damaged DBX files?
  • Know how to extract emails from DBX file?

So go through the blog completely to deal with this problem and overcome this situation by getting the complete solution.

DBX files are compatible with Microsoft Outlook Express only, they can be easily opened in that, but if you try to open them in any other way without the compatible email client, your files can definitely get corrupted and you may lose all your important emails.

If you’ve tried doing something this way we mean open them by some other way and if your files are corrupted. Stop there and don’t mess around with DBX files anymore. Because there is still a chance that we can help you repair damaged DBX files.

Yes, your corrupted DBX files can still be repaired. All it takes is a proper app that can repair the damage.

So let’s get everything back with the application and repair damaged DBX file.

4n6 DBX file repair tool: An expert’s choice

Don’t worry if your DBX file couldn’t be opened due to file corruption issues. Because now it can be opened easily without facing any problem. 4n6 DBX file repair tool is very unique and can successfully fix damaged DBX files.

This Email Converter consists of few steps by following you can repair corrupt DBX files from the Outlook Express email client. You just need to do a few clicks and the rest is on this automated software. So let’s go through the application and open the damaged DBX file.

4n6 Email Converter

Steps to repair corrupt DBX file of Outlook Express

  • Download the DBX repair tool on the system where your DBX files are kept.
  • Install the application by accepting the very casual agreement and finish the setup.
  • Now prepare to launch the application and open the tool interface
  • Click on the Open tab and select Email Data Files
    Email Data Files
  • Go to DBX files and choose DBX folders / files from the specific location
  • Once you select the files the tool will start loading all the data. Thereafter you can preview data in the left panel.
    start loading

Note: You can now double-click the damaged DBX file folder to open all emails that contain in it.

Then click on the email which will then open easily with all the properties

This software does not restrict you to open emails even if they are corrupted. The tool can open it with such ease that it has never been damaged

You can view your damaged DBX files with this tool anytime. But if you need these emails to another place for ease of access, you can also do it using this app. This tool can easily extract emails from your corrupt DBX files. Take a look below at the process.

  • After uploading OE DBX files in the software interface, go to the Export tab and select your desired Email Services
    Email services

Note: You can also select any file format at your convenience to open these DBX files

  • Now enter your backup email address and password
    backup email address and password
  • And finally, click on the Save button to begin the export.

Your dbx files will then be exported to the desired location in a few moments. You can now open them at any time. Your DBX files are not damaged now. Your query solved now. Congratulations.

Repairing files is one of the main goals of using this tool. But this tool can do more than just repair the corrupt DBX file of the Outlook Express email client. Let us give you some more reasons to use this app.

Read more about the DBX file repair software.

Easy to use: Your DBX files were complicated to open but this tool interface is not. This comes with one of the best user-friendly interface which allows you an ease of the process. We can bet that you won’t face any hassle while performing the task on the tool. So must take a try.

Compatibility with Windows: It is an advance software that can work on any Windows version. You don’t need to update on the latest platform before downloading the application. Old or latest this software is compatible with all.

Standalone software: Repairing the damaged DBX files can be a big task but not for this tool. It can alone accomplish the whole task. It doesn’t even need any supported tool before the final process. This is the only software you need to repair damaged DBX file.

Preview all information: This tool allows you to open all the attachments containing in DBX files. You can also view all the properties containing in the emails such as message header, hex view, etc.

In Conclusion

This article fixes the issue on How to Repair Corrupted DBX File of Outlook Express Mail Client. As it is not an easy task to fix damaged files or open them, this 4n6 DBX repair tool comes and makes the whole process easier, as it could never be without this application.

This tool can easily repair damaged DBX file and also allows you to export them to other location for easy access. So we highly recommend you to use this app.


By Nick Rogers

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